My ToDo Lists Don’t Stand A Chance With Wunderlist

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To say that I change productivity apps as often as I change my underwear wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

When I made the switch from a Blackberry to an IPhone in 2009, I realized that you can actually use your phone for much more than email and text.

Immediately I started spending countless hours in the App Store scouring for the next big thing that would eliminate a desk full of stickies.

After many attempts at simplifying my life and keeping my tasks under control I quickly reverted back to my old Blackberry trick.

Come on you’ve all done it….

Yes, that’s right.  You guessed it.

Email your todo list to yourself every night for the next day!!! 

From there it gets even better.  Print your To-Do list off and start scratching away.  Not only is this 3 step process time consuming, you just don’t look like you have things under control (in life).

I’ve been listening to a Podcast called Entrepreneur on Fire lately.  The show host asks each guest at the end of the episode what their secret weapon is, like an Evernote.

After listening to a few of these, I started to notice a common trend amongst these super smart and insanely productive people.

They are all using Wunderlist.

Screw it, I’m jumping on that bandwagon too!

What is Wunderlist?


Wunderlist syncs your todo lists among multiple platforms.  Basically it’s your “Git R Dun” tool (I promise I’ll never say that again).

Allows you to  update and edit lists on your Desktop, Smartphone, and Tablet.

It’s so clean and simple that you almost don’t know what you are supposed to do when you first start using it.

This is right off the website.

wunderlist overview


How I use Wunderlist


Unless a task is something that is important and has to get done, it won’t show up in my Wunderlist.  I’m still using Outlook to manage my calendar.

I don’t use if for every email and phone message I need to respond to, I’d like to think that my memory is still semi functional.

Just the non negotiable items.  You know, things like paying your staff, booking a flight,  and getting back to a client with some specific stats.

I that most of my To Do’s find their way on my list through the IPhone app.  Usually it’s just a quick subject like “Email the quote to ABC Car Dealer”.  I’ll add some detail if need be when I get back to my desk through the actual desktop version that is sitting open 24/7.

Here is a pic from my Dealer Geek list that I use to stay focused on this crappy little blog you’re currently reading.

wunderlist iphone


3 features that I now cannot live without in Wunderlist


Set Due Date: Can easily sort by what needs to get done sooner than later

Set Reminders:  Email reminders and App Notifications are annoying enough to get my attention and get me back on track

Wunderlist Email:  Similar to Evernote, you receive an email address that allows you to forward emails to your List. Great for those long bullet point type of emails that you can never find.


After my first month I can now endorse Wunderlist


I have now used Wunderlist day in and day out for the last 30 days.

Whether your lists consist of a handful of todos or 50+, Wunderlist will handle it like a champ.

Yes I still have that ole scrap of paper on my desk with scribbles that an often time doesn’t make sense the next day.

But rest assured, if it needs to get done.  It’s in Wunderlist.  You can even print off your lists!

It’s also free.

Are you using Wunderlist? If so, what are your favorite features?






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