Why your dealership should have the phone ninja mystery shop you!

My last post on phone skills for car dealers was a big hit.  There were loads of comments and tweets regarding Jerry Thibeaus’s phone training for dealerships.  Not only is this phone training, it will let you see your Internet process from start to finish.

I’ve been shouting out to my Canadian dealer friends that they should get Jerry to do a mystery shop on there store (free of charge for Dealer Geek Fans!).  This will give you a great idea on where you stand with your Internet leads and really get your game in check for 2011.

Here is an example of what you will receive when Jerry mystery shops your store.

Mystery Shop – Toyota Dealership

To watch the lead submission please watch the video below:

To watch the Coaching Session please watch the video below:

Phone Quality Comments:

Beth called once almost 5 hours after I submitted the lead. The next day she did not try calling me in the morning. I eventually called her. On that phone call she was prepared to work the deal over the phone rather than trying to appoint the customer.

Phone Call:
Reno Call by thedealergeek

Original Post with Score Card: Reno Toyota Mystery Shop

Any Canadian dealers that would like a NO Charge Mystery Shop please let me know in the comments

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