What do Paul Potratz and the Wu Tang Clan have in common?

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Stalk your visitors around the web with Retargeting campaigns

Ok that’s it Mr.Potratz.  Here I am trying to review my 2012 Fantasy Hockey Pool and listen to some Wu Tang and there you are staring me down during my favorite song “Ice Cream” ( Go ahead watch the video ).

So what does Paul Potratz, the automotive marketing genius and New York Hip Hop legends Wu Tang Clan have in common?? I’m pretty sure nothing. My guess is that Paul couldn’t even name 3 members even if I gave him Method Man and RZA.  However, by using Retargeting he is able to follow me around the web on my favorite sites with his pretty boy smile begging me for another click.   I feel like I know this guy personally. Heck, I even started following him on Twitter and throwing a few words back and forth, don’t worry I didn’t use any street slang.

What is Retargeting?

Wikipedia says “is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is delivered to consumers based on previous Internet actions that did not in the past result in a conversion (in other words, the actions intended by the site owner, which typically include subscribing to an email list, registering for membership with a website, and/or making a purchase)”.

Basically what happens is you visit a website like Apple and do not purchase anything.  Now you go to your favorite guitar blog and notice Apple ads popping up.  Next you visit Kijiji to check out an apartment and BAM there it is again.  Don’t worry this isn’t illegal or a privacy conflict.  Those sites you are visiting allow content networks on their site in exchange for….MOOLA!

Why should a car dealer care about this?? Hmm maybe because most automotive websites convert only 2-3% of their website visitors into leads.  This means you have a second, third, maybe fifteenth chance to get these prospects back to your site and hopefully submit a lead or perform a website chat.

This is not quite mainstream yet, and I have seen a number of car dealers already playing around with this.  But c’mon let’s face it, the majority of car dealers are on their 6 th beer watching Golden Girls right now.  Why not do a bit of research and see if this works for your store.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Paul Potratz but do think he’s a pretty smart guy.  If you want to learn more about Automotive Retargeting I would suggest to check out his site. There’s a pretty cool video that will educate you in no time.

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