Website Warriors #001 – Pimp your staff page

Too lazy??? Waste of Real Estate IMO

Does this scene look familiar to you??? Too many dealers are wasting a prime page on their website that will let the world know who are the soldiers that are taking bullets for your store day in day out.  If you are going to have a staff page (no one said you had to) and leave it blank…….. you are far from Warrior status.

Here is a scenario where ‘Shootin Blanks on your staff page is messing up your game.

Not having staff on your site hurts your team:

We all know this classic case.  Jerry Dynamite your number 1 gun steals poor Greenhorn Gary’s 3rd deal for the month all because of his senior position allows him to hog the phone ups.  Greenhorn Gary spent all day Saturday pulling out Corolla after Corolla for the Van Winkles to test drive and just when he thought he had them, it turned into a “Be Back”.

Greenhorn Gary goes home and drinks himself to sleep certain he will never see the Van Winkle’s again.  2 weeks later Greenhorn see’s Jerry Dynamite screwing on some new vanity “VanWink” plates on a shiny new Corolla.  Being the good guy that Gary is he greets the Van Winkle’s in the parking lot and congratulates them on their new vehicle.  Mr. Winkle says “Gary thanks for all your help, we would have bought the car from you but I forgot your name, lost your card, and your contact info wasn’t on the website.  I called in and asked for the young guy with the huge biceps but Jerry Dynamite said you were on vacation and to come on in and he would help us.”

Fact: Customers do not remember the names of who they dealt with.  If they like you and recognize your picture on the staff page they will either call and ask for you OR email you.

I know that story is a bit ridiculous and old Gary should have done a proper follow up.  But honestly, your staff is working 60 plus hours at your store and you aren’t even going to give them exposure on your own site??

We only put our managers on the staff page syndrome.

This is at least one step better than my ‘Shooting Blanks example.  By doing this you are:

  • Saying we don’t trust our employees to handle incoming leads and requests that are intended for them
  • Opening yourself up to vendor emails and phone calls (My fav !)
  • Creating incoming emails that may be slowing management up from completing more important tasks. Does the GSM really need to waste time replying to an email to letting a customer know what time Jerry Dynamite starts on Tuesday.


Just so you don’t think I’m all doom and gloom when it comes to automotive website staff pages, I’ve showcased some of the staff pages around the web that are official Website Warriors.

  • Suzuki of WichitaThis is by far the #1 staff page I have came across.  They even use the “nocarguys” branding to try and erase any typical car guy stigma.  It is absolutely hilarious and I guarantee their “Time on Site” for this is huge.  I read everyone and want to give these dudes a huge Dealer Geek pat on the ass.  Gotta love Christopher Hayes aka “The Hayznator”
  • Acton Toyota – I call this the “Full Monty”.  Acton has always been a leader in digital marketing and their staff page has Super-Warrior written all over it.  Every single staff member appears to be on the site and they all have a great picture and interesting bio.
  • Capital Ford ReginaMy boy Mitch Gallant doesn’t hold back on his quest to make Capital Ford the #1 Digital Ford Dealer in Canada.  Their staff page has great bios and a nice fat link to their personalized DealerRater Staff Page.
  • Younger ToyotaPretty sure this is where Mitchie Boy may have got his inspiration LOL.  Of course the Godfather aka Jeff Kershner from DealerRefresh is going to have his staff page pimped.
  • Downtown Audi Toronto: Great pictures, awesome bios, great dealership.  I’ve known James Davidson for a few years and that Brit is more warrior than Arnold in Conan the Barbarian.

You know your staff is the backbone of the dealership.  Let their personalities shine on your website.  Have a meeting and show – off the above examples and see if their is someone at the dealership that wants to quarterback Mission Staff Page.

Please use the comment box below to share examples of dealers who should be mentioned as Staff Page Warriors.

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9 thoughts on “Website Warriors #001 – Pimp your staff page

  1. Thanks for givin’ us the nod for pouring a little awesome sauce on our staff page. Anything to do with staff lights customers up, it’s always a wise move to promote people as much as possible IMO. Humanize anything you can!

  2. Ryan, I had no idea how underutilized the staff pages are on dealer’s websites until I read this article and started searching for good examples. Seriously, you should contact the webmaster of dealer’s sites and recommend they offer a website upgrade with a commission cut to you for bringing a band wagon of new business to them from their existing customer base!

    My top picks for a small selection of dealers whose websites I browsed…
    Steve Marshall Ford in Nanaimo and their sister store in Campbell River:

    • Ryan that looks amazing. Not sure how many people would actually download the info but I’ll give it 2 thumbs up!

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