Top 5 ways to mess up your PPC campaign

5 ways to mees up ppc

Launching a pay per click campaign can be a great way to drive more traffic to your site, however if not done the correct way, it can also become time consuming and expensive with little return. Here are the top 5 mistakes made when launching a PPC campaign:

  1. Targeting the wrong keywords: This is pretty self-explanatory, but since you are paying for each click, you need to be sure you are getting the most for your money. Make sure you have thoroughly researched your target and have a good understanding of the search terms most likely to get you the customers you need.
  2. The actual PPC advertisement is ineffective or misleading: Since you are paying for each click, you do not want to “trick” anyone into coming to your site. Obviously you want your ad to attract attention, but you also want it to be clear and concise in order to attract the right kind of attention.
  3. The PPC ad does not fit the template provided by the systems: Whichever PPC campaign you choose should have precise instructions, so be sure to stick to their outline.
  4. Choosing keywords with too much competition, or choosing too many keywords: You may have a long list of what you think are excellent keywords, or your may have a couple keywords that seem perfect, but there simply is too much competition. Keep you list of keywords short, and always consider your competition.
  5. Not spending enough initially per click: A great PPC campaign can fail if it is not invested in. Once you have a good campaign, and are getting the visitors you want, you can start scaling back how much you spend on clicks.

If enough research is put into you PPC campaign, it can bring excellent results. Naturally once a potential customer comes to your page, how well you sell your product or service is a completely different story. Avoid the 5 mistakes above, and you have a good chance of having a successful PPC campaign.

Author’s Bio: Jeffrey Gross is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enthusiast who lives on Long Island, NY. Jeff’s SEO Company helps Long Island business owners (and business owners across the country) get their businesses to the top of the search engines. In his spare time Jeff teaches Search Engine Optimization to small business owners and enjoys lecturing at local colleges and other venues as well.

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