The Football Catch Video Close

I’ve been obsessed with video responses lately.  After hearing so many great stories of dealers turning those online leads into appointments, solely becasue their response stood out.  Now unless you are Elise Kephart at Sunset Honda you may need some inspiration.

This is called the Football Catch Close.  It can be substituted with a baseball or even a hockey puck if you are in Canada.  The less editing the better when it comes to this highly strategic attack.

Note:  I have pretty good reason to believe this was probably a test email. Let’s have a laugh and move on.  I’m sure my boy Tim has his game on strong now.  Let’s see if this will make it to him and we will wait for a comment below.


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Ryan Thompson


General Manager at Ernie Dean Chevrolet Buick GMC in Alliston, ON. Sharing with you everything I can about the car business.