My Book Review: Phone Ninjas Telephone and Internet Training

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This should be on every salesperson's desk

In a world of “Gurus” and “Consultants” it is sometimes hard to see through the fog and obtain some good solid information. Sure the blogs and forums are out there but sometimes a nice paper book at your desk is what you really need.

Phone Ninjas put out a great 80 page in depth Phone and Internet training manual for car dealers.   Jerry was kind enough to send me a copy to review.

After a few nights on the Ipad, I bombed through Jerry Thibeau’s latest manual that should be considered the “Bible for Car Sales”.

I have been following Jerry Thibeau, founder of Phone Up Ninjas since 2009 where we met on the infamous DealerRefresh Forums.  Jerry was the kind of guy that would help on any issue even if it had nothing to do with padding his own wallet…my kinda guy.

It was clear from reading some of his articles that he was an amazing trainer and a wealth of information.  Jerry was the one that got me hooked on Jing after his article “Turbo charging your Internet responses”.  If you want to see firsthand why Jerry Thibeau has a thriving business just take a gander at this thread – “How are your phone skills” (quick answer for most dealerships .. pretty shitty)

Why should dealers care about Phone Training? Its 2012 right? The game has changed it is all about email, text, Website Chat right??

Jerry provided me with some interesting stats that will give your management team a reason to invest in phone training.  Check it out.

This is taken from Page.4 of Jerry’s training manual.  I had to leak this page to give readers an official State of the Union.



80%   of your phone traffic will buy within 3-5 days.

90%  will buy within 10 days.

76%  of your customers will call before the come in.

85%  will visit the internet when shopping for a vehicle.

50%  of your appointments will purchase a vehicle at time of appointment.

86%  of your customers will purchase something other than what they inquired on.

In Jerry’s manual you will also learn about some scary statistics of the way dealership sales staff are handling calls.

I have done some pretty extensive sales training in my day and I can say that this manual was not a review.  It has been awhile since I was on the phone in the dealership and I would have killed to have something like this to follow.

Here are some reasons that I think every dealership should provide their staff with this 80 page training manual:

  • Learn WHY and WHAT motivates customers  when purchasing a car
  • Master the right words and tones to guide your phone up to an appointment
  • The 7 steps to the Phone Up – (pure gold!)
  • Increasing the amount of customer information your obtain on the phone call
  • Dealership salespeople will finally have a plan when taking that phone call

Every dealer needs to go out and get a few copies of Jerry’s manual.  I am in no way affiliated with this product and do not receive a commission.  I want Dealer Geek Nation to be ready for war when those sales calls come in and I’m confident this is going to help drastically.

How much you ask for this book?? It’s $24.95! Cheaper than a case of Coors Light!  Get more details here:  Phone Ninja Training Manual

Please use the comment section below to review this training manual.


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5 thoughts on “My Book Review: Phone Ninjas Telephone and Internet Training

  1. Ryan,

    Thanks for taking the time to write a review of our training manual. Our goal at Phone Ninjas is to help sales professionals improve their skills when communicating with customers! Much of what we teach can be used on a chat session or in person with customers.

    Thanks again!

  2. I will say that Jerry is a great trainer and has shared wonderful tools with me. If you want to see what kind of a job you are doing hire him to do his and have him mystery shop you. Ryan, while all I stated above is true the reason Jerry is one of my favorites in this industry is outline in your comment “Jerry was the kind of guy that would help on any issue even if it had nothing to do with padding his own wallet…my kinda guy.” Yup, My kinda guy too!!!!!

  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry a little while back when he was in town to train ALL the stores in our auto group on his phone skills. Being a 10 year vet of the business I can say without question this was some of the most valuable training we have ever had. We STILL implement the strategies we learned those few days and have a process in place to continually teach these skills to new employees and hold those who have already learned them accountable. Needless to say our phone up conversion rate continually grows with each passing month. I would recommend Jerry to any store serious about making the most out of their phone ups!

  4. @Jerry – Thanks for popping by!! Hopefully some of my Canadian readers will use your training and leave some feedback.

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