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I read a great thread a while back titled “Best Practices for SEM” on DealerRefresh and I had to find out more about this Haystack product from Automotive Marketing experts Moore and Scarry.  The idea of an inventory based engine to create dynamic PPC ads needed to be explored.   I reached out to the Moore and Scarry  crew, and Kara Crider put together this amazing article:

Most auto dealerships face the challenge of effectively marketing via online search engines.  Manually creating and managing search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns could be a full-time job for many dealers, yet most dealerships do not have the internal resources to accomplish this.  Marketing used vehicles on search engines is a huge opportunity for dealerships because automotive consumers nation-wide seek pre-owned cars on search engines every day.  Historically, the majority of dealers have missed these shoppers because there was no effective method to showcase used inventory via SEM.


According to ThinkAuto, a research study put together by Google, Search Engine Marketing is one of the most influential mediums during the auto buying process. On average, auto shoppers are visiting 70% fewer dealerships in person and the majority are buying their vehicle from the very first dealership they do visit. Not because of better sales tactics – but more informed online shopping.

To win the battle of search, a dealer’s inventory must be properly displayed and marketed online. Enter Moore & Scarry Advertising’s Haystack Automotive Search Marketing Platform.

Haystack creates pay-only-for-performance campaigns to market all dealership profit centers and dealership products including dealership, franchise and market for new cars, used and certified pre-owned inventory, top competitors and competitive brands, regional searches, service, parts, collision and more.

“Moore & Scarry has a proven track record of delivering high ROI products to the automotive sector via [search marketing]. As such, Moore & Scarry is a key strategic partner of Google,” commented Ben Wood, Google Head of North American Channel Sales Partnerships.

At the heart of the Haystack is the dynamic inventory-based ad creation engine. Exclusively designed for auto dealers, this feature instantly and automatically interfaces a dealer’s entire vehicle inventory directly into the top search engines to target in-market customers searching specifically for vehicles in stock.

How does it work? By simply using the same inventory feed you send to companies like AutoTrader and Cars.com, Haystack will create custom ads for each and every vehicle in stock. Ads will include detailed information about miles, color, price and more.  Haystack then automatically places these vehicle-specific ads into the top search engines that reach over 90% of internet users. When a shopper searches for a specific car or truck, a dealer’s matching vehicle is prominently displayed.  A unique link on each ad delivers shoppers directly to that unit of inventory on a dealer’s website.  This reduces the number of clicks and time it takes a shopper to find the exact vehicle they’re looking for by more than 60%.

Recently the most powerful online marketing solution the industry has to offer, has become more powerful with newly added features – revolutionary bid management. A mixture of the world’s most notable and effective bid management software and Moore & Scarry’s own proprietary bid management software exclusively designed for automotive dealers. These tools dynamically compare a dealer’s inventory with dozens of resources and adjusts bids to focus advertising dollars on the most attractive vehicles and those most in the most need of turning. Value Based Bid Management (VBBM) compares a vehicle’s actual price to the perceived value of the vehicle and adjust bids to improve the position of attractively-priced vehicles. Age Based Bid Management (ABBM) checks how long you have a vehicle in stock. When a vehicle becomes aged, it increases bids to give this inventory more exposure

The result? Dealers have realized decrease click costs by as much as 24% while focusing advertising dollars on the most highly trafficked units of inventor y and units most in need of turning.

Moore & Scarry has developed customized service levels including Haystack Express  that allows dealers access to the most powerful automotive search marketing platform on the planet with, NO monthly fees, NO markup on your spend and the ability to upgrade to more advanced features & dedicated support.

For years, Moore & Scarry’s Haystack automotive search marketing platform has been a closely guarded secret of some of the nation’s largest dealers. Users include numerous Automotive News top 125 dealer groups and publicly traded dealers like the Asbury Automotive Group.

“Haystack is a key ingredient of our overall recipe to increase sales,” stated Alan Krutsch, director of marketing for Walser Automotive Group. In addition to the increase in used vehicle traffic and overall site traffic, the Walser Automotive Group has increased new and used inventory views, map and direction views and email lead submissions. “Moore &Scarry made it very easy to implement Haystack, and they did all the ‘heavy lifting.’  More importantly, they collaborate with us to establish our strategy. It is an outstanding partnership and our results are the proof.”

Find out how Haystack can create more internet leads, reduce advertising costs and offer increased accountability for you. Contact Moore & Scarry Advertising today for an in-depth presentation and a no-cost analysis of your marketing.


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  1. Ryan,

    Wondering if you have heard anymore on the Haystack venture into the dealership world and who is all using this platform now as far as the corporate side of things go? I am curious as to how their CRM tools work or do they even offer that side of the platform? We currently use VinSolutions for our CRM and Dealer.com for all our other tools. Will Haystack be able to offer a “Full Service” type platform for a dealership that wants a one stop shopping experience with all their eggs in one basket?

    Great article and write up… thank you for sharing

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