PCG Pitstop hits Toronto October 20th

Must attend event for Toronto dealers Oct.20 Read Below

I really hope this post does not come off as a pitch because it is 100% pure excitement.

Dealer Geek Nation: This could very well be the first of its kind in Canadian history. PCG Digital Marketing will be touching down in Downtown Toronto on Thursday October 20th at the Hyatt Regency on King Street.  This is the final episode of their tour which has already rocked Chicago, Dallas, Huntington Beach, St.Louis, Vancouver, and Seattle.  With the Greater Toronto Area at over 5 million people and a tonne of car dealerships, this sucker is going to sell out fast.  This is the equivelant to Lollapalooza for Car Dealer Digital Marketing education.

Why do I need to go to this??

Trust me when I say this…. the Canadian Dealer body as a whole (always exceptions to the rule) is completely asleep at the wheel when it comes to automotive marketing.  If you want to master topics such as SEO, SEM, Online Reputation Management, Microsites, and Blogging  you must send at least 1 of your dealerships staff to this event.  The PCG Pitstop is not a Vendor Pitching Freakshow we have all come to dread.  It is quite the opposite.  This is a power packed one day Digital Marketing full body workout without the sweat pants.

You know that you need to be in the digital game, you talk about it at OEM meetings and the Association Golf Tournaments.  Trust me the game is changing fast, and this one day Educational seminar will open your eyes to a whole new world.  This is not…. I repeat not…. a conference full of bankers telling us where the economy is heading and how many cars were sold in Canada last year.  Let’s save that one for the Dealer Principals that are just there for a few free drinks and some crappy finger foods.  This event is only for dealers who truly believe that there is something more to this damn internet craze than Tire Kickers and Time Wasters.

What topics are covered?

There will be multiple sessions likely running at the same time so I strongly suggest you bring 3 staff members or more  to divide up the content and take notes.  Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • Dealer Websites and Mobile Marketing Opportunities
  • Social Media and Microsites for Fixed Ops
  • Internet Lead Management Process
  • Dominate the search engines using Video SEO
  • PLUS WAY MORE. CONTACT ME if you would like me to send you the PDF with more details.

Ok Ok…How Much??

I remember when my Dealer Principal sent me to a 3 day training session when I first started at the dealership.  “This costing me $1500.00 so you better pay attention”.  Well that was 10 years ago and I did pay attention…however it was just a bunch of generic sales crap that left my brain 2 weeks later.   I know this sounds corny but Digital Marketing is super fun, why do you think I write this blog??

This is going to be money well spent.  One warning though, once you get into Automotive Digital Marketing you will be completely hooked. You will not  stop reading forums, blogs, and crushing the dealer next door with your new vision.


  • $495.00 per person
  • $995.00 up to 3 ( $331… I did the math for you)
  • $325.00 per person 4 or more attendees.


Fine I’ll go, where is it again??

The location will be at the Hyatt Regency Toronto located at 370 King Street West.

Are you going Ryan??

Uh, ya! And I’m going for Wings and Beers on King Street after if anyone wants to join.  Thursday is the new Friday baby.


If you need any further information or want me to forward your info to the PCG Crew please use my Contact Form.  The official website can be found at PCG Pitstop.

Any dealers who have attended the previous Pitstops, please leave your reviews in the comment boxes.  Some of my Canadian Dealer Friends need a little nudge at times!

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4 thoughts on “PCG Pitstop hits Toronto October 20th

  1. If you’re in the area and have the opportunity to go to this event, there shouldn’t even be a question about going. If you miss this event and your competition attends you’ll notice the impact in less then 3 months, so make it the vice versa! These guys put on a great great event.

  2. Attention Dealers! This is a must attend event. You need to send your Internet Manager for sure and a few other managers as well. The information you will take away from this event will help you dominate your market.

  3. $500 to go and $50,000 worth of ideas.
    Mr. Pash provides the most relevant knowledge in advertising for the 2012 automotive landscape.
    Not even once he asked a dealer to do biz with him at the seminar, tghis was a great example of doing biz by teaching: let me show you what we know and see if that fits your needs.
    I told my team that even if we went and knew everything in the seminar, then it was worth it becasue now we would know that we are in thr right path.
    You can’t affort not to go if the dealers around you are going!

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