Park a Yaris Contest – Review from Mississauga Toyota

Grand Prize.. A New Car!

I’m sure a few of you are wondering what the outcome of the Mississuaga Toyota Park a Yaris contest was.  If you are not familiar with this social media promotion I blogged about it here.

Troy Colmer just send me a recap of what happened below.


Troy’s summary:


After 2 months of promoting, advertising, and networking, we at Mississauga Toyota finally closed our “Park A Yaris” contest.  The goal was to make an impact digitally, and increase our presence online.

We chose Facebook as the avenue to do this.  Mississauga Toyota started out with approximately 200 “likes” or “fans” on our Facebook page, and at the time of writing this blurb we now have 6049 fans!

When you sit back and look at the impact that has it is really amazing.  If the average Facebook user has about 100 friends and all those friends see what their friends “like” we potentially would get 600,000 eyes seeing, and hearing about Mississauga Toyota.  Not to mention we now have 6,049 fans we can nurture a digital relationship with.

Angela with her new Yaris!

Are we going to market to these people?  You bet, but we also hope to establish on online relationship with our new found fans.  We want to be interactive, creative and informative to these people and keep them engaged with Mississauga Toyota over the long haul.

I almost forgot the most exciting part.  At the end of the day, we actually did give away a brand new 2012 Toyota Yaris to Angela Kostyk of Barrie, Ontario.  She saw one of our facebook ads for a chance to win a new car and she took the chance to win, clicked, and “parked a Yaris”.  Lo and behold she won!  We actually gave a car away!  That is cool, and as you can see from the pictures, she was very excited and grateful for the prize.  Congratulations Angela, we are so happy for you.

The automotive business has certainly changed, and how we interact with our customers has too.  Mississauga Toyota is a “Digital Dealer” and we look forward to the future in that regard and hope to be at the leading edge for years to come.


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One thought on “Park a Yaris Contest – Review from Mississauga Toyota

  1. Between the cost of a Yaris, the app development cost, the FB advertising cost, I am guessing that the cost per like on this campaign was in excess of $9.00…that is probably twice the current average cost per like. It was a bold campaign for sure, and the app was pretty slick. Kudos to this store for having the stones to try it.

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