What Customers are looking for in their Online Vehicle Descriptions

Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about writing vehicle descriptions.  For some reason the majority of dealerships could care less about this art.

Most dealers are being brain washed that they need 40 photos on their ads to get more conversions.  Don’t forget the painful stitched together slideshow video – equipped with robot voice over (is that going die soon??).


Does your ad have the right stuff?

You know the one I’m talking about.  Nothing like looking at a 7 series BMW and having to be reminded it has power locks, power windows, and traction control!!!  What accent does that woman have anyway??

Dealers who are moving metal these days on 3rd party sites are all on the market value pricing train.  One price shopping is becoming the norm for used car departments across Canada and the U.S.A.  The Internet changed the rules a long time ago; however some dealers haven’t got the memo.  If you need an education on the topic I would start with reading Dale Pollak’s blog.

Price will get you eyeballs on your vehicle display pages.. that my friend is a fact.  The next hurdle is the conversion.  Writing effective vehicle descriptions will increase the chance of a phone call, email lead, or an automotive live chat.

Yes you need great photos, do not get me wrong.  But in my opinion, the secret sauce are in those text vehicle descriptions along with a killer headline.

DrivingSales TV featured a really cool interview with Jacob Solotaroff from Max Systems.  He came up with a really cool acronym for what a dealer needs to include in their vehicle descriptions.  It is called M.A.R.K. This video will give dealers a very good blueprint on what online shoppers are looking for when shopping for a used car.

  • Mission: What is your customer looking to accomplish?? Do they want a safe family car?? Look cool driving down the strip?? Tow their new boat???
  • Affordability: Is that new car or truck in their current budget?
  • Risk: Does this car have good consumer reports reviews? Is it a lemon? Is it a piece of shit?
  • Key Differentiators: This is my favorite!! What makes the car on your lot special? It could be the hands free bluetooth, heated leather seats, Spray in Bedliner?…. you know where I’m going with this.  It may also be your dealerships reputation an on-line reviews vs the competition.

I think Jacob did a great job of making a checklist that dealers can reference.  If your vehicle description simply says “pw,pl,auto” you are still in 1992.

Please use the comments below, and let me know if descriptions are as important as I think they are.

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