#dealertalk Webinar: Online Automotive Sales Techniques

DealerTalk Webinar_Stuart BendalljpgHoly smokes!!

What a Webinar!!

Strathcom Medias’s Director of Training, Stuart Bendall took the DealerTalk Webinar series to a whole new level.

After 5 – 10 minutes I was laughing out loud and writing notes frantically…. this wasn’t another “the internet is going to be big” type of educatoin.

If you are responsible for the online merchandising of your dealership’s  inventory, this is a must watch.

More than 150 dealers from across Canada were tuned in for some playful banter and education from our favorite Brit.

Stuart has worked in a dealership.  He knows the struggles dealers face every day.

Today he basically gave away all of his secrets, and then some.  Who said there was no thing as a free lunch?!

Please find the entire 1 hour video for your viewing pleasure and also the slides below for quick reference.

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Watch the full video here:


Easily flip through the slides from Stuart’s presentation:


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