Move your snow dealers – Customer wants to buy!

car dealers loses sale from snow

Is this your dealership??

On several occasion we have mentioned that connecting with a prospect in a showroom is crucial. We have mentioned the “moment of truth” in a showroom interface.

Last week it snowed in the GTA, with the media turning snow into some form of “apocalyptical” event. Imagine when the media turns snow into such an event, and dealers have vehicles outside, as usual the snow needs to be cleared it costs money, its time consuming, and its part of doing business in winter.

True story…

Its a few days after a 20cm snow fall, not apocalyptic, just 20cm…yes a few days later if not all, but the majority of the vehicles should be clean and accessible on a dealer’s premises.

A friend is shopping for a vehicle, we know most folks today narrow down their choice to 2-3 vehicles, and on the cusp of finalising a decision actually visit a dealer. You have to conclude that most dealers by now know that when an individual, and especially when they are 2 walk into a showroom they are very close to making a decision.

This friend accompanied by a friend walks into the showroom of one of the hottest brands in Canada, with a streak of breaking sales records. The model he wants to see is not in the showroom.

Are you ready for this…

“Its outside still buried in snow, we need an appointment to clear the snow from the vehicle” yes…accompanied by additional comments at the same intellectual level. In addition to the lot not being cleaned and most vehicles snowed in. Must be what happens when vehicles sell well.

The question?

Is it the fault of the sales person, the floor manager, the sales manager, the general manager, the dealer principle, the manufacturer or all of them together?

What do you think happened?

The friend walks out of that showroom, a little frustrated since it was #2 on the list, having formed an opinion about that particular dealer, and brand. While proceeding to go to #1 on the list (another dealer/another manufacturer) and did a deal.

One would naively like to believe that this stuff no longer happens in this business.

It still goes on, if the manufacturer doe not impress on the dealer that it snows, that premises must be clean to do business, the dealer principle to save some money will not clean the snow in a timely fashion, and now the situation simply rolls downhill from there to “blowing away a prospect”.

Now if someone sends a missive to the manufacturer, or dealer principle regarding the lost opportunity.

We all know the answers, it snowed, someone did not show up to work, short staffed, not enough people, and whatever else would apply at that point and time.

In the meantime, “the other guy” with vehicles not buried in snow did a deal.

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By: Tino Rossini

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