Laura Madison added to the 2015 Dealer Talk Line-Up

I am super excited to announce that we have added one of my favourite car peeps to the 3rd annual Dealer Talk Conference.

Unfortunately my man Robert Wiesman had a conflict so we were faced with a hole in the speaking line up.   Hopefully we can get Robert up to the great white north in the future.

I don’t remember exactly when or where I discovered Laura Madison.   I’m thinking it was around 2013.

laura madison Toronto

Right away I could tell that she was bringing some new heat to the auto biz that very few had a real grasp on.

Personal Branding is something I’ve always bought into.  Once upon a time when I was working in the dealership,  I often wondered why the local realtors had billboards, websites, and flyers.

Why didn’t this happen in the car business?

Both professions are 100% commission and I know (from experience) that you can use some of these marketing/promotional expenses as a tax deduction.

I thought you were supposed to treat the car business as your own business.  That was always the pitch in the interview right?

I guess car salespeople have been conditioned to expect a non-stop flood of new customers walking through the showroom door.

Good luck with that!

Ok back to Laura.

I spent 20 minutes speaking with Laura via Skype last week and we talked about her journey in the car business.

Here are my notes (I’ll Laura go into more detail on May 8th):

  • Laura started working in Manhattan at a high end clothing store managing a book of clients
  • Non-stop flow of customers meant that she never had to really worry about the next “up”
  • Moves to Montana and starts working at a Toyota dealership
  • Previously had a challenge getting a job in a car dealership due to age and experience
  • Tsunami hits Japan and effects parts and inventory in the U.S. (2011)
  • Lack of vehicles to sell and customers forced Laura to thinks differently
  • Uses Social Media to find new prospects
  • Starts blog to answer customer questions on buying cars
  • Creates engaging video walk-arounds
  • Receives national recognition for her process and strategy – Ad Age Article


Want to check out Laura @ this year’s Dealer Talk conference?   Get all the details right here

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