Is the Ultimate Blogger the Ultimate Fail? Your Call

Wow, I go from blogging about a dealer in Ontario that reaches 1000 Facebook Fans to  Endras BMW located a hop, skip, and jump from Toronto launching an all out assault on the Canadian dealer body.  This Ontario BMW dealer is looking for a BMW fanatic to be the voice of the dealership and get their content all over the place.  Here is a quick overview of what the winner of the contest will get:

  • $65,000 a year salary
  • Toronto condo for 1 year rent free
  • BMW car to drive
  • Paid travel to check out new BMW product launches etc;

I first sighted this contest on Twitter from my friends over at Blog Pro Automotive who wrote a pretty decent post on the contest.  They feel Endras already has their “shit” together so why break the bank on finding a blogger? I don’t know the ins and outs of this dealer but I will agree they are already ahead of most of their BMW rivals in the GTA who are just using some Facebook and Twitter.

These type of contests are not new, don’t you remember the “Ultimate Job in the World“?? Over 30,000 people from 90 differenet countries wanted the job as honeymoon testers for Runaway Bride and Groom.  The winners get to hit the most exotic hot spots on the globe sipping champagne and bungey jumping off bridges with one catch – they have to share their story.  This was a huge success and I’m sure the contest for 2011 will be even bigger and badder.

I reached out to the DrivingSales community to get some feedback on this blockbuster contest. The post got some attention fast and there was some well thought out comments – DrivingSales Comments Here .  The comments felt that while this campaign was very ambitious it wouldn’t be substainable:

Once again we see a dealer trying to make big splashes instead of creating ripples. Big splashes are not substainable over a long period of time – Jeff Cryder

So here is what I’m thinking for dealers that want to dip their toes into this type of medium,W without doing a triple back flip off of the CN Tower into Lake Ontario (that is not possible the lake is too far a way).  The goal with a successful blog is to produce amazing content that people feel is credible and would like to share.  I’ll share with you what a very forward thinking Lebanon Ford Dealer (in Ohio!) is doing.  This is what I refer to as shoestring marketing that will go a long way and build brand ambassadors for your products and dealership.

Ford – Life Blog:

First off I know the crew at Lebanon Ford is on the top of their blogging game because they are using the “Thesis” WordPress theme which is the same one I use here at The Dealer Geek.  Now what is the magic formula to making this more than just a bunch of product reviews that are copy and pasted from the Ford website?? Their Drive- One program allows residents from their market to pick their Ford of choice and keep it for a week.  During this time they will be Tweetin, Facebookin, Creating Videos, and blog content on their reviews. This is more powerful than any BMW nut from the other side of the world writing about your product.  Check out one their stories here. This one of many videos Carol posted throughout the week.

So to wrap this up I want to give a huge round of applause to Endras BMW who are willing to enter the unknown and take some risks for what could be a huge payoff.  I personally think contacting the bloggers and social media freaks in Toronto that already have a following would do the trick (and cost nothing).  Give them a new BMW to drive for a week and get them posting and creating all kinds of content that they can post on their already established sites and platforms.  I’m going to be watching this contest like a hawk and can guarantee you someone will copy this in the next 2 months.

You can follow the contest with the Twitter Hashtag #ultimateblogger.

Written by yours truly,

Ryan Thompson

General Manager at Ernie Dean Chevrolet Buick GMC in Alliston, ON. Sharing with you everything I can about the car business.

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