How to hit HomeRuns on Facebook for your Car Dealership

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Answer: Do what they are doing ^^^

One of the most asked questions in the last month or so for me has definitely been “How do we get fans on Facebook??”.  Since I have a blog and share some valuable information through Twitter and LinkedIn I guess I’m an easy target.

I joined Facebook in 2007 and have around 750 friends which I put zero effort into getting.  Being involved in DJ’ing and a pretty social guy put me probably above the average.  But what dealers are talking about is “Fans” not “Friends”.

So I thought I would dive a little deeper..

Classic Car Dealer Facebook Story:

It didn’t take hours or research or surveys to see what is happening in the majority of car dealerships in regards to Facebook.  At some point someone thought they “needed” to get on Facebook and set up a Fan Page or maybe a group (Groups are so 2009). Then it probably went something like this:

  • Entire staff joined fan page
  • Someone loaded some old pics they had kicking around in their PC
  • Started posting videos like this on the page to make it look cool – typical car dealer being cool type video
  • Posted inventory, dealer specials, why buy from style messages
  • 6 months later still have under 200 fans and gave up

Sound about right??? I’m guessing that is the case for 90% of car dealers using Facebook.

I’ve signed up for all kinds of different newsletters and blog updates and there are only a few that I will stay with for longer than a month.  If I ever need some Facebook advise the first person that I think of is David Johnson from Persuasive Concepts.

I’ve actually listened to a bunch of his pod casts and will read any article that he posts.  This guy is about as honest as it gets and he doesn’t need any nifty special effects to keep me engaged.  So I said enough is enough and I arranged for a phone call with this friendly American.  I told him the Canadian dealers want to get in the game and they are looking for some inspiration.  I asked him the million dollar question “Alright dude just show me one dealership that you have completely scored a home run with that is using your tacticts”.  I didn’t care about the number of “likes” I just wanted to see some of the “fans” actually acting like FAN – A – TICS.

I mean that is what a Fan is suppose to be, and for the most part I just see a bunch of “what colour is the sky” questions, with a few people giving different variations of blue.  If you want to see some real FAN – A -TICS check out the cult following my homeboy Grant Cardone has on his page.  These are true die-hard brand ambassadors that are willing to spread his message all the way down to Chinatown.

Sorry got sidetracked there.

So he references his pride and joy Metro Honda of Union County.  I’m not exaggerating I thought I heard David sniffle over the phone when he talked about his experience with this dealer.  David Johnson is a passionate dude let me tell you, I had to say “David man up and tell me how you did it and what kind of results you saw”.  First off he was able to get this dealer into the money zone I like to call, it which is over 5000 fans.

But what is different about his strategy is that he is pulling these fans from the actual market area where the dealership does business!!!! Ok now you have my attention.  With his unique contests he has been able to help this dealer get literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of comments on photos and videos.  This post is already getting longer than I had thought so all I’m asking you to do is this:

  • Check out Metro Honda’s Facebook page
  • Click on the photos tab and check out the amount of comments in some of the albums
  • Hop over to Metro Honda’s blog which is a launching pad for most of these initiatives

So you can try and copy everything he is doing or you can get some real deal training from the man himself.  He is holding 18 hours of live training sessions via the web (my fav!).  The program is called the Automotive Social Media Success Summit, leave it to David to come up with a long ass name.  I told him to change it to “Facebook Tony Montana Style” but he didn’t think it was fitting.  I just signed up for it to educate myself on some of these new ways to interact and I think you should to.

Course info:

  • March 22 – 31st
  • If you cannot join the live classes you get access to all the videos
  • Price: $325.00 – peanuts

Say ‘ello to my lil friend,

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