Guest Post: Customer Service is your Marketing Tool

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Grab your positive attitude and churn out the sales

Google Places Reviews, check.  Put an iPad in the service department, check. No brand new information here. Get reviews and get plenty of them.  Help facilitate the review process by placing easy to use technology right in front of the customer.  There is one essential part of sales that will ink the deal every time, good old fashioned customer service.  It’s an over looked sales and marketing tool that must be put into your strategy for 2012.

People buy from people they like:

You’ve heard it before.  How is your dealership using it?  Is the customer really the top priority?  How are they greeted when they first enter the store or call?  What is their first impression?  One of my favorite waiters works at a restaurant where I can’t find a favorite dish.  But, to this day, it’s my go-to spot for gatherings with friends because I know that we will receive the best service. Period.  What would it be like if your service department had that kind of reputation?  It’s not unheard of in the automotive industry.  Many dealerships have an employee who keeps the crowds coming in.

Businesses Need to Listen:

When I recently missed a connection to get me home from a business trip, it wasn’t the missed connection that made me the most upset.  It was the fact that United Airlines’ customer service department simply wasn’t helpful.  To them, it wasn’t about how to get me home the fastest.  It was about getting me home on the easiest route for them.  Easy for business will almost never equal easy for customer.  What are you out if you go the extra mile for the customer?  The customer will remember how you made them feel, always.  And, you better believe my Twitter followers knew how I felt about United Airlines that evening (and a good three days after) and their lack of response.

Work with your dealership’s sales team to develop a strategy for a true customer service marketing tool.  If it fails, sales will certainly follow.  Your dealership may be one of many, or one of one–take the customer service role and apply it to the how the dealership’s brand will be perceived from founding city to latest location.  From its Facebook presence to its LinkedIn group.  If it sounds like basics, it’s because it’s basically been overlooked.

Here’s to 2012.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Customer Service is your Marketing Tool

  1. We have a blog post on how Renault have just started to leverage the power of dealer reviews.

    97% of automotive customers are influenced at the Zero Moment of Truth. By highlighting your dealership/manufacturers positive reviews you can provide social proof to customers that they are going to have a good experience when purchasing a vehicle from you.

  2. From Chinese Food to Car Dealers, reviews are something that cannot be ignored in 2012. Appreciate the comment Rorie!!

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