Guest Post: Are You Taking Advantage of Mobile Addiction?

mobile website addicts

If you sleep with your phone you are an on

Admitting it’s a problem is the first step, but is it really a problem.

Recently, I read an article that said people aren’t supposed to sleep with their smart phones.  The author expressed a correlation to being addicted to your phone if you feel the need to sleep with it.  Ok, possibly, but how else am I supposed to wake up in the morning if not for my trusty smart phone alarm?  Or, grab that discounted drink at my local bar?  Or, overcome my horrible sense of direction without its construction-sniffing GPS capabilities?  My smart phone isn’t just my addiction, it’s my necessity.

Often businesses overlook how consumers can be rendered uselessness when they find themselves without their smart phones.  Overlooking the mobile marketing phenomenon can be costly in the form of lost sales.  Right now, dealerships need to be talking to new vehicle shoppers in their language.  And, that language is smart phone addiction.

Mobile website:

Don’t just have a website optimized for mobile.  Have a mobile website.  Do you do print advertising?  Throw QR codes on there and be sure they direct to your mobile website.  Even better, have them go to a specific mobile landing page so you can track each print advertisement.

iPhone and Android app:

Going beyond a mobile website and providing an app for your customers will add an extra personalized touch.  Dealership apps can provide customer log ins where they can further personalize the app.  They can have their entire maintenance reminders specific to each vehicle they own.  Your dealership’s iPhone app can provide current customers with loyalty programs, rewards programs, among others, for example.  It can also host many lead generating opportunities for future customers.

Now, do I really sleep with my phone next to my pillow?  Only I know that.  But, if I did I would be in the company of millions and millions.  The next customer who comes on your lot has the ability to check the competition’s inventory while standing in front of your inventory.  And, vice versa.

DealerFire, a custom website design firm based in Oshkosh, WI has empowered many dealerships in the mobile website department and recently was recognized for it at the AWA ceremony where they took home the top award for Mobile Platform Design.

Jessica Ruth is Brand Manager @dealerfire and has a mild infatuation with Twitter, find her @whatjruthsaid.  She tries to hide her Midwest accent while writing.

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