Get The Results Your Emails Deserve by Using “PS”

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Use PS to get your customers to commit

If you have been reading The Dealer Geek for any length of time you will know that I am a huge fan of going back to basics when it comes to online marketing.  I recently read an article over on DealerRefresh that got my creative juices flowing!!

Malinda Terreri’s article “P.S. This Really Works!” reminded me how I read emails and letters and why using PS (Post script) in your emails can get those clicks that we want so desperately in our emails.

Malinda is an expert in email marketing and she shared some great ideas on how you can use PS for conversions in your emails.

After doing some more reading on the web, it is a fact that most people will scan to the bottom of the email before getting into the meat and potatoes (the body).   I honestly don’t remember the last time I used P.S. in a business email.  Did I think it was childish? Maybe it sounded too desperate?  NO, the real reason is I forgot to go back to basics and think of what excites me in an offer.

Anyone selling a product, service, or themselves should really take another look at their Sales emails and see if they need to a little steroids at the bottom aka PS.

A Few PS’s you can try:

  1. 1. Street Cred PS: You have a bunch of really happy customers that believe in your product and you should leverage them to build trust.  “PS. If you are still undecided then please don’t just take my word for it.  Johnny Rockets just bought a new Buick Regal from me and he wrote this testimonial on my blog about his experience.”
  2. 2. The Bonus PS: This is by far my favorite kind of PS.  Why is that you ask? Because it gets me one step to closer to closing a deal.  Here is one I found from HubSpot: “P.S. If you act now, I’ll give you an additional gift (valued at $35) when you make your purchase. But hurry. I have a limited number of these gifts, and I want to make sure you get one. (Insert the URL to the landing page here.)” Need to push a couple units out the door right near month end?? Swap out the $35 gift card with a BBQ or Ipad (if you left some gross J) and consider that email a head shot.
  3. 3. Nice Guy PS: If you are writing a more general email that does not have a sales goal at the end I think providing a link to a blog post or interesting article is a nice touch.  “PS – I know your dealership just started to blog so I thought this article I wrote would be helpful, 20 Killer Article Ideas for getting your dealership blog started.

This is just scratching the surface on the art of PS email tricks.  Please use the comment box below to share some thoughts on this old school writing strategy that is looking to make a comeback.


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