Five Alive – October 2011 – Must Read Articles

five alive october 2011

So that’s October eh!! Pretty busy month for myself. I was on the road working with dealers across the GTA, presenting for Kijiji at the PCG Pitstop event in Toronto, and even had time to work on my new Facebook Page.  I must tell you my new Welcome page has made a huuuuuuuge difference.  If you still do not have a custom Facebook Welcome page I suggest reaching out to Brendan Wenzel who is the wizard that did mine (super cheap too!).

Before I get started with the top 5 from around the web, I’d like to congratulate Jeff Kershner with his new position at Hook Logic.  Jeff has been an inspiration for me that last few years and that is why I refer to him as The GodFather.  Read more about that here.

So here we go.  As always they are in no particular order.

  1. Jared from Driving Sales and Siefker from Zappos:  If you do not know the Zappos story you must be sleeping under a rock.  This video was great to watch and hopefully dealers can apply some Zappos to their business model soon. VIDEO
  2. How to Optimize Video For Search:  Erin Ryan lays down the straight goods on this topic.. She’s Canadian Too!
  3. What is Google Panda and why should dealerships care?: One word about Google Panda: Care
  4. A Camera, a process and $288 K to the bottom line: I absolutely love this story (true story).  Some day mark my words dealers will be in control of their own photos and data.
  5. Canadians have a case of the new car blues:  My crew at Kijiji put together this awesome article/info-graphic on the depreciation of new cars.

If you have any articles that you think I’ve missed out on please feel free to post them in the comment section.

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