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The leap year must have gave the auto business a real kick in the ass because sales were up big time.  If you want to see the Feb numbers in Canada you can check out this detailed PDF click here.

If you are on the Home Page right now of the Dealer Geek,  you will notice the new lightbox I added with a email sign up form.  I’ve done a lot of research on this type of sign up form over on Social Triggers.  It has only been a couple weeks but the subscriptions are are piling up.  I’ll keep you all posted on the results after a few months of data.

The Facebook Page has also been lively as I try to put more effort into some meaningful conversations.  Even a picture of Brian Burke talking about goalie troubles at the TADA Digital Dealer even in Toronto.

So let’s get to the goods and look at 5 killer articles from around the web for February 2012.

  1. Does Social Matter? –  Interesting read from Matt Murray at  This guy is super smart and has the data to back up his story.
  2. The Value of Pinterest for Car Dealers: Even my mom is talking about Pinterest.  Who better than JD Rucker to give us the 411 on this new social craze.
  3. Ford’s Company Blog Sucks:  Marcus sure stirred the pot with this post. Loved that Scott Monty from Ford chimed in and showed how professional this guy really is.
  4. Local Will Mater More and More:  Read this dealers. It is super relevant for your business.
  5. Car Salesman, Still Sexist, Still Stupid:  Oh snap.  Car Dealers get shit on once again in mainstream media.  I thought we were over this hump in 2012.


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