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five alive october 2011

I was going to produce a Five Alive that highlighted the Top 5 articles of 2011.  After about 2 mins of debate with myself I decided to keep the series consistent. There was just too much good stuff in the blogosphere in December, and you can always go back and read all the Five Alive Posts from 2011 Here.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of “non automotive” blogs when looking for inspiration.  Don’t get me wrong I’m a Refresh Addict, spend a lot of time on Driving Sales, and lately have noticed some great stuff over on Automotive Digital Marketing.

The problem I have with some of the writers on the “Big 3”, is that they write more for the search engines and to get link juice back to their product/service.  I’d really like to see more articles from Dealers vs.Vendors but that is not going to get a few extra deals on the board.

I really have enjoyed reading Jim Ziegler’s “Dealer Defender” series which demonstrates how to write “Like ya talk”.  Ziegler tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers in the process.  It’s a pretty long read so pour yourself a Scotch and roll your sleeves up first.

So here we go with the last edition of Five Alive for 2011. Would love to hear which article you enjoyed the best in the comment section.

  1. 20 Life Changing Habits that will make 2012 your Best Year Ever:  I’m going to start applying more of Marcus Sheridan’s content marketing strategies in my own blog.  I applied #5 last year and it was a life changing experience.  Put the phone on silent when you get home, suddenly you will realize there is a lot more time to get shit done.
  2. Sear’s Real Problems Caught on Camera by Grant:  There is a good chance you already saw this video after it went viral but if not, you have to check out Grant’s mystery shop.  Love him or Hate him, I find him to be extremely entertaining.  Haven’t noticed any Sears going down in the Greater Toronto Area.  Don’t even remember the last time I was in that store so take that observation with a grain of salt.
  3. Get More Twitter Followers:  I’m sure some of you are responsible for getting your dealership/business more Twitter Followers in 2012.  Who better than Chris Brogan to give you the straight goods.
  4. Get outta dodge:  Anytime Joe Webb appears on Dealer Refresh, it will probably end up on the Five Alive Series.  This article just made way too much sense.  If you are in a dealership that is not ready to Light It Up in 2012 then plain and simple…get the hell outta there.
  5. The Most Overlooked investment for your Success:  This post by Brian Pasch inspired me to go to a spin class with my girlfriend last week……….read at your own risk!!!
  6. *Bonus: Majority of dealers do now to use 3rd Party Listing sites effectively and are constantly questioning the ROI.  This started out as an Autotrader vs discussion, and has evolved into a best practices beauty.  Read the whole thing start to finish.  Canadians don’t worry the same principals apply for Kijiji, Trader, Wheels.  Autotrader vs = Best Practice Guide

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  1. Marcus – I’m so happy that you stopped by The Dealer Geek. The readers on this blog are made up of Car Dealers and Vendors providing services to Car Dealers. I tell all my dealers to take a look at your blog and see how a Pool Guy used content to generate leads.

    Looking forward to learning more from you.

    Ps. The Sales Lion is by far the best name for a blog I’ve came across.

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