Five Alive – April 2011 – Must Read Articles


five blog posts to read


As snow sprinkles the downtown core on a typical April day in Toronto I thought it would be a great opportunity to put together the Top 5 Articles for April.  Feel free to comment on any of these great pieces from around the intraweb.

  1. Service Sucks – Alex Snyder points out the lack of marketing dealerships do on their service department.  With 70-80% of a dealerships revenue coming from the back end why do we continue to leave out service content on our website??
  2. The Internet Sales Guru Ninja Thought -Leader Nobody – Funny guy Joe Webb does another hilarious spoof on the new wave of internet trainers. Hope he isn’t referring to me 🙂
  3. Automotive Advertising with Video SEO – Paul Potratz is a guy I’ve been following closer for the last 6 months.  This guy puts out amazing content and some pretty clever vids. Dealers making custom videos without knowledge of Video SEO are really throw Sh__ at the wall.
  4. Beyond Offers – With all the focus on Facebook and Social Media I thought Chris Brogan’s article on “offers” would make sense
  5. Ford Taurus in Regina – Ok I don’t care about the Ford Taurus. But I do care about one of the best car dealer blogs in Canada. This is the type of content dealers should be producing themselves.

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