Does Social Media Sell Cars? w/Paul Potratz – Recorded Webinar

When Paul Potratz agreed to host a webinar for the new series I’m producing with Kijiji, I was super excited.

A lot of dealers have been asking me how Social Media is supposed to help them sell cars.   Paul is the man on this topic, so I knew I had to reach out to him.  Let’s get these dealers some answer for once and for all!

Twitter feed was loving the webinar

I honestly thought Paul was going to run everyone through the Facebook Basics:

  • Business Page vs Personal Page
  • What to post
  • Don’t be too spammy

WRONG!!!  What did he cover you ask?

You will have to watch the video below.  I will warn you that this is the 2nd webinar I have ever been involved with and when using Go To Webinar there are several moving parts (I think I’m almost there!).

The first 5 minutes is a bit annoying because one of the mics was on so you will hear some breathing.  After that it is smooth sailing.

I will be adding our first recorded webinar to the blog shortly.  You can see the slides here: Writing Ads for Autos Classified Sites

Thank you to all 130 dealers and marketing friends that stayed the full hour and were active in the discussion afterward.

What topics should we do in the future?

Please use the comment box below to let me know what webinar topics would interest you.  Don’t forget to sign up for updates, don’t worry I won’t spam you.  This will be one way to make sure you catch these live and can get in on the my favorite part…. Questions/Answers at the end.

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