DealerRater Launches Canadian Site

dealerrater canada is launched

It finally happened… DealerRater launched a Canadian specific website.

Over the last 12 months I’ve seen a dramatic increase in Canadian Car Dealers taking advantage of DealerRater’s Certified dealer program.

U.S. dealers have been taking advantage of the site for years as a way to leverage their online reviews and help showcase their reputation on the web.

The problem I always had with DealerRater for Canadian dealers was the challenge of actually finding dealerships.

You could “Browse by State” but that would get you nowhere on your search for Ontario Chevrolet Dealers for example.  The search function on the top right was a little easier however there are dealers in the U.S. and Canada that share the same name (dammit!).

With the all new Canadian DealerRater site, I predict you will start seeing a lot more consumers leaving reviews vs Dealers Pushing them to the site.  I’m sure a majority of Canadian Consumers that wanted to leave a review on DealerRater got the impression that it was U.S. only.

Dealers who already have a nice portfolio of positive reviews are going to be ahead of the pack.  Mitch Gallant from Capital Ford was the first Saskatchewan dealer to embrace the program. If you take a look at their page you will see some of the possibilities.

DealerRater gives a simple and effective conduit to represent the dealerships brand and experience through a rating online – Mitch Gallant

Visit for more info.


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