DealerFire websites now serving Canadian Dealers

Moving attention north from the award winning success in the States was a natural move for our team at DealerFire, an established custom automotive Web design and Internet marketing firm.  We didn’t have to go too far, we’re located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. (you ever been there, er no?)   We understand that every website is different because every car dealership is different.  DealerFire has created some great Canadian car dealership sites, but it didn’t happen overnight. Our team hit the challenge of these sites head on—first things first, we didn’t forget about the metric system.

From the very beginning these sites were custom built specific to the dealership and maximized for search engine optimization.  We can do that no matter what the country because we are keenly aware of the many factors driving the automotive industry and strive to bring our lineup to your lineup.

Creative, Competent Canadian Localization Efforts:

  • Home page to back end.  On the front end you’ll see our(flawless) use of the metric system when checking out a vehicle, but what you don’t see is how our production team (technology ninjas we like to call them) worked with modifying the data imported from Canadian automotive data providers.  Our production team and programmers stayed on top of all the differences associated with building Canadian sites.
    • Finance forms, and other calls to action, on sites needed to accommodate Canadian standards, which meant changing from our usual city and state forms to Provinces, Territories and Postal Codes.
    • We also had to accommodate the difference in VINs and inventories.  We busted through that by connecting locally with Canadian data providers to gain the proper information for each dealership.
    • For Truro Toyota, we worked side by side with Toyota Canada for OEM compliance requirements.
    • We also added a new module to power Car Proof, the Canadian vehicle reporting system.  We learned that even the manufacturer’s slogans were different in Canada.


  • The next step for DealerFire in Canada.  Our services don’t stop once a site is built; we’re always there for our clients.
    • Currently, we’re ready to take on the needs associated with sites needing French localization into them.  Mais bien sûr!  L’nternet et DealerFire parle Français aussi!


DealerFire continues to grow, proudly launching site after site and keep a complete handle on the pulse of the auto dealer industry.  From landing pages, mobile sites to automobile marketing campaigns and more we’re not afraid to offer a personalized approach to designing auto dealer websites.  Want to know more?  Check us out, become part of our international family!


Jessica Ruth is a Digital Marketing Ace @dealerfire who has a mild infatuation with Twitter and tries to hide her Midwest accent while writing.


Working both in the dealership and on the vendor side, I have spent the last 10 years of my life studying the car business. I love car dealers. I love blogs. I am The Dealer Geek.

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