Guest Post: Should My Dealership Invest In WalkAround Videos?

walk around videos car dealersWalk around videos have been around for a few years and are incredibly effective, but the process of creating these videos has been cumbersome, arduous and time-consuming…until now.

We’ve all heard that the Internet has changed everything. And it has, but not in the way you may think. Pretty much every dealership now has a dedicated Internet Sales Department or BDC who’s responsible for either selling vehicles through the Internet or driving those prospects into the dealership.

But just as everyone now believes in the power of the Internet to sell cars, the Internet has actually made it more difficult for dealers to distinguish themselves. From a buyer’s perspective, another dealership is just a click away. Dealers need a way to immediately capture the customer’s attention and differentiate themselves from their competition. Video does that, especially when everyone else is sending the same text-based auto-response emails.

Be different! With more people consuming video, dealers can use this ‘zero moment of truth’ to show each prospect how much they want their business by creating a personalized Walkaround Video just for them. There is no better way for a prospect to feel connected to the vehicle they inquired about than to have a personalized video of it in their inbox.

Anyone who has mystery shopped a dealership quickly comes to the same conclusion. Most dealerships send generic auto-responses emails about how they’re ‘the biggest and the best’ or how they will ‘provide the best service with the best selection.” The problem with this tactic is that people don’t read the emails, and start to feel spammed as the auto-responses pile up. If they’re going to spend any time looking at an email, it better catch their attention quickly; and nothing conveys more information, more quickly, with more emotion than video. With a text email, you’ve done nothing to differentiate yourself from your competitors. With video, you stand out.

Walkaround videos also personalize the buying experience. Show your prospects that you care enough about winning their business to send them a personal video that introduces yourself and your dealership as well as provides a walkaround of the vehicle they’re interested in. In these days of rapid commoditization, you need to sell yourself to sell a vehicle.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects: You’ve now received 3 or 4 generic text emails, but also received one that is personalized (with video!) just for you. The Walkaround Video email includes a picture of the sales rep and their contact information. Once you’ve watched the video, heard the rep’s voice and seen their picture, you’ve already started to build a relationship with them.

This creates what we like to call a ‘warm introduction’ so that when the prospect walks into the dealership, they feel as if they’ve already met the sales person and are more likely to ask specifically for them. Nobody wants their hard-fought deals to get skated.

So why aren’t more dealerships using Walkaround Videos?  Frankly, until now, they’ve been asked to choose between two poor options.

  1. Either they could go through an unwieldy process and use YouTube, which meant no branding, no control, and competitive advertising. (We also know that many dealers block access to YouTube in the dealership, so store employees can’t even see what they’ve posted!)
  2. The other option is to send the customer a ‘stitch video’ with the nausea-inducing zooming in and out of still pictures. Neither of these options is compelling to the dealer or the prospect.

The industry needs a better solution, and now it has one. Authntk’s Walkaround Videos is the most cutting-edge way to create and deliver one-on-one personalized vehicle videos. In about 3 minutes, your lead could receive a personalized video that not only shows real video of the vehicle, but also is fully branded for your dealership and includes your sales rep’s picture, phone number, email address and directions to your store.  Speed is crucial in demonstrating to the prospect that you want their business.

Using Authntk’s easy-to-use app, dealers can now truly personalize the first experience that a buyer has with them in a brand-safe and fun way.

walkaround video email

Your Email Response Will Stand Out

These customized, personalized and dealer-branded videos are sent to the prospect and tracked on the Authntk platform so that a dealer knows if the video was watched. Imagine the difference the potential buyer feels when they get a templated email versus a personalized video! How’s that for differentiating a dealership from its competition!

Don’t stop with Walkaround Videos for sales. Use video everywhere to engage your visitors. Take video testimonials for example: Let’s be honest.

Text is boring. The most excited customer can add a few exclamation points, but that’s about it. Using video brings sight, sound, motion and most importantly, emotion to your site. We enable your customer’s to tell their story to your visitors.

Another use is in the service department: Just like using Walkaround Video to sell cars, you can use also video to show your customers exactly what work needs to be completed.

More customers say ‘yes’ if they understand what you’re doing to their vehicle. You can even add coupons to the video email as extra incentive!

Finally, every dealer needs to get vehicles off their lot. Create a weekly video special to promote that car to more buyers. We make the process so easy that you can change your specials every day if you want without having to update the code on your website!

The bottom line is that if you are serious about one-on-one marketing to your leads, there is no easier, faster or more cost/time-efficient way than using Walkaround Videos.

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Your Turn!

Have you had success with video walkarounds? Does this have a place in the dealership?


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