Ultimate Dealer Resource Guide

I thought it would be very helpful to have a reference guide for Car Dealers to visit when they are looking for a new product, doing research, or just snooping around.

The list will just keep evolving, I will update it regularly as new products/tools rise and fall.  If you think I’m missing something I encourage you to contact me.


The Dealer Geek is based out of Toronto and has a large Canadian following.  I will add (CAN) beside the company if they are located in Canada.  However, there is a tonne of cool companies in the U.S.A. that have configured their products and services to work within the Canadian Landscape.  The order is completely random and their is no ranking system in place.

Blogs / Forums:

Website Companies:


Newsletters for Car Dealers:

Chat Products:

  • CarChat 24 (CAN) – Use their operators to handle chats OR take chats with your own dealership staff.  Increase your website leads by 50-60%.  Works with your current dealership website.

CRM Providers:

3rd party add-ons – Lead Generators

Call Tracking/Phone Training/Call Management

Accessory Sales:

  • Line-X – Spray on Bed Liners

Private Sale Vendors:

  • Private Sales Canada:  Specializes in organizing and running a “private sale” for you dealer (CAN)

Video Services:

Used Car Marketing:

  • Trade Rev (CAN): Live wholesale Auction in your pocket

Reputation Management:

Your Turn!

Please share any missing vendors or experiences that you think would help The Dealer Geek Nation.  Use the comment box below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Hi
    I was wondering if you will have a section to mention all of the auto auctions in Ontario?
    We are located in Sudbury, independently owned and operated. we are also the only dealer to dealer remarketing company in Northern Ontario

    Our sale is every Thursday at 11am.
    If you would like more information please let me know

    Thank you

    • Ryan Thompson

      Paul – It sounds like a great resource. Please let me know the URL and I’ll be sure to add an “Auctions” column.

  • Wow what an awesome idea Ryan AND a great resource for auto dealers. I will most definitely come back often!

  • What about training companies? Start a section for that.

  • Would love to see a video section for dealers. With the likelihood that video is about to explode both online and through mobile in 2012 it would be good to see a section for dealers that want to incorporate video into their marketing process.

    Have a good day Ryan!

  • Ryan Thompson

    @Rorie – I think a Video section is very worth while. Going to add one right now!

  • Thanks for the inclusion! Great idea!! Should there be a category for Call Center consultation and maybe out-sourced Call Center services?
    Kain Automotive is a great Call Center consult……

    • Thanks for stopping by Chip! For now I am going to keep all the “CALL” companies together. Might be worth a subgroup down the road. Dealers NEED to step up their phone game and stop worrying about Likes on their Facebook Page (IMO) 🙂

  • We can help dealers with all of their direct mail needs. Please add us to your list and thank you!

    • Ryan Thompson

      Todd – Thanks for stopping by. Please submit your company info and some of your work through the contact form.

  • Hey Ryan,
    What about adding an inventory control section. I know trader has v-auto and dealertrack has AAX and I know there are a few other tools out there as well.

  • Hi Ryan,
    I’m an automotive writer, currently writing for publications such as Auto Journal, Car Care Business, Tire News, etc. – all out of Rousseau Automotive Communications. I’ve also written for the Toronto Star’s Wheels, National Post’s Driver’s Edge and had clients such as OMVIC and Auto Showplace – and understand the car business from the industry side as well as the consumer side. I’d love to be added as a resource for car dealers if they need any writing, marketing or promo needs!

    • Krystyna Lagowski wrote an article on our CRM system TRACKSTAR WEB in a recently published edition of the Auto Journal. She is good. She is accurate and effective in her ability to determine the key points about her subjects. She is a good resource.

  • Hey Ryan great job. How about a section on training as mentioned by Stan Sher. I would be honored to be mentioned. We specialize in and out of the automotive industry on sales, management and now social media training. I have recommended you and dealergeek.com to several manufacture reps, dealer group and individual dealer’s that are clients. Keep up the great work.

  • AutoVelocity is located in Western Canada and provides website development services for auto, RV, power sport and marine dealers.

  • Hey Ryan,

    Love the blog… I see above that Strathcom isn’t hyperlinked, here is our website: http://www.strathcom.ca/

    Keep up the great posts!

  • Hey Ryan, you are providing a great resource for dealers. Thought you would like to include in your CRM category – Trackstar. We provide Trackstar WEB, a very powerful CRM vehicle sales tool that turns Showroom Walk-outs into Be-Back Sales. It is the easiest, least complicated but sophisticated Hot Prospect Management and Customer Retention System available for dealers. Cloud based and accessible by sales consultants and management 24/7. We are a Canadian company providing CRM since 1988.
    Thanks Ryan.

  • Andrew

    Hello Ryan! I am wondering if you know of any tools that work as well as Trader’s Velocity product at comparing ones used car prices to the market…as well as “days supply”?

  • Don’t forget the 3M window tint and 3M Paint Protection Training that we can offer to dealers.
    Maximize profits by keeping the customer IN the dealership. No 3rd party companies to rely on.

  • Hey Ryan,

    Why don’t you add an inventory finance section…..

    We are an Ontario based Company that focuses on inventory floor planning to used car dealers offering competitive rates, personalized service, and flexible terms.


  • Hi Ryan,
    I didn’t see any mention of inventory listing resources. Autoswaprz.com is a new and used car marketplace that is actually affordable. We provide the exposure dealerships need to increase sales. We currently have over 5,000 dealerships and over 1 million vehicle listings. We would really appreciate a mention from you. Thanks.

  • Missed ‘Engage to Sell’ chat. Do a great job.

  • Check out my friends website http://www.autoscheduleradvantage.com.
    He;s created an amazing software system to tracking vehicles and personnel thur the complete vehicle prep process and the software is less per month than what you pay for coffee for all your employees. Check it out you’ll be glad you did.

    I think he offers a 30-day free trail.

    And of you need an app to track your sale goals check this out: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/SalesGoalsOnFire/id592408093?mt=8

  • I’d like to recommend my company, Shakr, for the Video category. https://www.shakr.com/en_US/themes/automotive/

    We make it easy for dealers or agencies to create their own HD-quality videos by dragging a few photos or video clips into place, and typing a little text. There are about 20 templates to choose from and the average price is less than $100.

    Also of note, we’re not based in Canada, but our founder is from Toronto.

  • I would like to recommend http://phonenumberguy.com for phone numbers and vanity phone numebrs if that fits in.

    But you have a quite good list 🙂

  • Hi Ryan, may I humbly add D2C Media to the list of Website companies. We have over 120 dealers using our platform already! Cheers.


  • Britt

    I love this list of tools and vendors, I really love the blogs mentioned at the top – they’re my go to’s. I’d like to recommend my company Mudd Advertising to your list of SEO/SEM vendors (http://mudd.com/services/digital/), and for call management/phone tracking (http://mudd.com/services/bdc/).

  • Gordon Platt

    I’d like to add one more resource for local and vanity toll free numbers. http://www.ringboost.com. Our team can definitely help you to find the most cost effective way to reach out and to complement your marketing programs. We’re at 1-877-RINGBOOST

    • Stan Chris

      Nice. sounded so much like the new call tracking service provider I recently started using.. ringostat.com – Have you seen their one year free start -up program? Here…. https://ringostat.com/en/for-startups

  • Vandy Vincent

    If you are looking for a local or vanity number, I have a perfect reference for you. You can easily get local and vanity numbers as per your need and preferences on http://www.phonenumberexpert.com/. These people help you increase your customer response rate with easy-to-remember phone numbers. You can contact them at 954-900-0000

  • Estrhse91

    Automotive Internet Media ! They do everything, websites, digital marketing, social media and this awesome new thing they’ve got called Carclicks.