20 Killer Article Ideas To Get Your Car Dealership Blog Started

So after months and months of putting it off, your dealership is ready to finally get started on their car dealership blog. Congratulations, I’m truly excited for the journey you’re about to begin!

For the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that you have already bought into why you should have a blog for your dealership.  At this point you are just looking for some guidance on what to start writing about.


Don’t worry I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of search engine optimization mumbo jumbo that your website provider is probably ramming down your throat.  I’ve been in your shoes. Starting a blog is the easy part. The problem is a majority of blogs do not make it to see their 1st birthday because of a lack of vision, process, and content ideas.

auto dealer blog tips

Get your dealers blog fired up! Wooh!

I often stumble across a dealer’s blog and see the same patterns time and time again. Their blog will have 3-5 posts and most of the time it is a limited time special sale or a current promotion (that is expired ).  Don’t forget the last entry was one years ago. They failed because they weren’t bought into blogging and were not prepared.  I won’t let that happen to you.

Answer your customer’s questions:

It’s simple.  Your future car buyers are going to Google and typing in all the questions they may have about their next vehicle purchase or service.  Once Google realizes that you are the authority on these topics you are going to make it rain with the search engines!!  Simple Terms: MORE TRAFFIC

Talk to the staff and find out “What are the top 10 questions” customers ask on a regular basis.  Do this for sales and service and you will be able to get a list together in no time.  Once you have the topics it is easy.  Why you ask?? Because you are the expert on these topics dammit! Hitting the top of Google on car review you sell is going to be a home run.

Review Posts Secret Sauce

Here is a quick secret.  Review everything!!!  New car comes out.. Review it!

New option comes out..Review it (Navigation, Blue Tooth, Iphone App).

Online shoppers will add the word “review” to the end of all kinds of search queries.

But please, please, pretty please do not just copy and paste a review off the manufacturer’s website.  We are looking for fresh original content.  This has got to be one my biggest pet peeves I see dealers doing all the time.  It’s just flat out lame.

20 Article Ideas for your Car Dealerships Blog

I know it seems like a real pain in the ass to come up with new articles but c’mon you are a car dealership, there are so many things to talk about.  Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration and get the wheels in motion.   Oh ya.. I haven’t worked in a car dealership since 2008 and I came up with these in about 20 minutes.

  1. Should I lease or finance my new car?
  2. Will I get more money selling my car private or trading it in at the dealership?
  3. Is it safe to do a credit application on a dealership’s website?
  4. What isn’t covered in the manufacturer’s warranty?
  5. Where in (your town) can I get my car detailed?
  6. Where in (your town) can I get an oil change?
  7. Looking for a new Honda Civic? Try a Chevy Cruze ( comparison article)
  8. Should I buy a new car or a used car?
  9. What kind of down payment do I need to finance a car?
  10. Do I need to take my car to the dealership I purchased it from for service?
  11. How can I terminate my car lease early?
  12. Here are some new ways to – Wax Your Own Car (How to do stuff posts)
  13. Top 5 questions to ask yourself before you buy a new car? (used vs. new)
  14. Who qualifies for the Honda (your make) graduate program?
  15. Trailering specs for the GMC Yukon (enter your make/model)
  16. ABC Motors review of the new 2012 Chevy Volt (every model you sell should have a dealer produced review)
  17. What is an admin fee and what does it cover?
  18. Top 3 places to get your car washed in ENTER YOUR CITY
  19. Winter tires vs. All season tires?
  20. Top 5 myths about buying a new car (get your hit list from staff)

Please use the comment box below to add any titles that you think would work.  I’d love to turn this blog post into a Car Dealer Blog Title Bible!

Bonus Blogs For More Ideas

Here a few dealer blogs that are doing it right (UPDATED JAN 2014)

General Manager at Ernie Dean Chevrolet Buick GMC in Alliston, ON. Sharing with you everything I can about the car business.

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42 thoughts on “20 Killer Article Ideas To Get Your Car Dealership Blog Started

  1. Great article Ryan! The hardest part of blogging is getting started. I always used Word Press due to familiarity but there are some other great choices. In addition to the great suggestions that you mentioned, keep in mind that there is always news around a dealership. New hires, tenure, employee of the month, etc. are all news worthy blog articles. Content drives your blog because content drives SEO. Stay consistent and schedule your posts if it helps. I treated my dealer blogs as I did facebook, not too pitchy or sales oriented, but don’t be afraid to include a few articles about current sales and promotions.

  2. @Rob – Capital Ford does a good job of updating their blog with new hires and community info.

    Your Nissan dealer had content coming out of the you know what. Thanks for dropping by, your experience is a great asset to the blog.

  3. @Donna – Thanks for stopping by! The one thing I really like about your blog is that it is a sub domain of the main site (http://www.pattypeckhonda.com/blog/).

    Without getting too geeky, basically your nav bars are the same as on your main dealer site. Someone who finds your site through a blog post on Google might convert into a sales or service lead with those calls to action just a click away.

    There are all kinds of debates on having a separate domain for your blog vs a sub domain. I’m no SEO master but I’m thinking the sub domain is the way to go.

    Patty Peck Honda is one of the best examples of a dealership using inbound marketing effectively.

    FAQ on the OEM website sound like a no brainer for some inspiration.


  4. Great job Ryan, and you’re spot on about traffic. If you’re just getting started with a blog, one of the hardest parts is actually getting over the paralysis of what’s my first post and actually getting going.

    You have to be creative in your posts and that’s tough. In order to be creative you have to put your balls on the line, and most people don’t want to take the risk. This is why it’s so valuable. Inbound/content marketing will be the norm in a few years, if you’re not all over getting it going now, by the time you do it won’t be worth half as much to you as it is now.

    Don’t be part of the late majority or the laggards. Put your balls on the line and do something!

  5. @Mitch – I also think it is important to utilize Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your blog. It can take some time before you start relying on the organic Google Goodness.

    Love your attitude. Hope you are dominating the prairies with inbound marketing magic.

  6. Great article Ryan. I believe you hit the nail on the head when it comes to content ideas: Answer the questions people have about car shopping, servicing and owning. We’ve [Lebanon Ford] found the best way to get started especially if you’re planning on assembling a content team is to create a set of Editorial Guidelines. Within it list the “mission statement” of your blog, expectations, audience, topic guidelines and formatting structure. For example the mission of our blog Ford Life (ford-life.com) is to “add comfort, understanding, knowledge and trust to car shopping and owning”. Once you layout your goal/misson the content will just fall into place.

    Good stuff. Cheers!

  7. @Jeff – I’m so happy you stopped by The Geek! Your blog is a work of art and should be on every dealers “favorites”. The schedule is the key to success. Get everyone in a room and come up with 50 of the most asked questions……BOOYA there is the next 6 months of topics.

    I’m sure the articles you have generated are giving your website a nice friendly kick in the ass.

    Blog Hard,

  8. I forwarded this page to a friend who have a dealership so he can start his blog as well.
    You have some great ideas!
    in my car transport blog I always use the FAQ to inspire the blog.
    Most people who come and buy a car or transport a car are a first timers and they appreciate the fact they can sit at home and read vs a sales person telling them and trying to close the deal.
    I do get from time to time customers who told me we read your blog and loved it, you give a lot of information and such. Those are sales in the pocket right there without even sweating.

    • I checked out your blog and it looks amazing!! I’m sure you get a lot of inbound leads from potential customers that are get educated from ……………YOU! The expert.

      If you haven’t already you should check out Marcus’s blog The Sales Lion. He can take your transport companies blog to new levels. Lot’s of free tips and tricks.


  9. Ryan,
    I’m not in the car business. I represent a well known cartoonist that created a few popular automotive dealership related illustrations a number of years ago. The prints have never been available for sale until now and I want to get the word out to all those that love the dealership industry. I appreciate you letting me do this on your blog. Check out http://www.dealershipprints.com. Smiles guaranteed!!!

      • Hi Ryan, Sorry for the late reply. Epic post this.
        We’re situated in Durban, South Africa. And yah, I have some blog posts that are killing it on our local Google search, and these are the ones I least expected to. On the other hand, whenever I ‘pasted’ something off a manufacturer press release or review, those don’t do anything. Original content kicks butt.
        Not always easy, as I am not even a professional writer, but it’s worth the effort!

  10. Wow!

    Honestly, what great suggestions! I can’t wait to approach my Finance and Sales Managers on Monday! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

    Nicole Fleming
    Titan Auto Sales

  11. This is a great resource you put together here, Ryan!

    We just relaunched our auto group’s blog (http://familydealblog.com) this past October with a new emphasis on creating original content that’s useful and relevant. In 3+ months we’re averaging over 2,400 unique visitors per month and trending upwards!

    I just thought I’d add a couple of my own tips based on my personal experiences as I think some may find them handy.

    – Use Evernote to keep tack of your potential blog posts. Because it syncs across all your devices, you can easily add to your list when and wherever inspiration strikes!

    – Look at all the articles on your blog and ask yourself this question – If this was a physical magazine, would I pick it up and be able to easily read it cover to cover and be engaged? Be honest. I know I wasn’t able to do that with our own blog which is why we scrapped it completely and started over from scratch.

    – Ask yourself what the desired outcome is of each post. If you’re talking about a charity your dealership is supporting perhaps your desired outcome is XX% of the readers click through to the charity’s web-site or XX% of the readers visit the associated Facebook Page.

    – Just to follow up on that point, if you’re stated goal is “SEO” or something general like that then you have the wrong mindset about your blog. Your blog is meant to provide useful & relevant content to your audience. Ultimately SEO will happen on it’s own if you’re producing content people actually want to read.

    – Have a separate email sign up form on your blog, don’t just rely on blasting your new articles to those email addresses you already have in your CRM/DMS database. Once you start creating quality content, you’ll be surprised how many people sign up to recieve your latest articles via email that aren’t customers in your database!

    – Before you post a new article, ask yourself – is this Engaging, Entertaining and/or Educational? If you can’t say yes to 2 out of the 3, maybe you need to take another look at your post.

    – Identify who can help. Blogging can be a full time job, and with as many other tasks we have to do on a daily basis, it’s not going to be possible to have a successful blog for our dealership without finding others to help.

    Well I hope that’s helpful and I actually have a few more tips to add…perhaps I’ll save that for a future post on my own blog 🙂

    Good luck to all and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  12. We are currently looking into the possibility of setting up a blog… your post and consequent comments here will give us a good foundation to launch from. While this felt a bit overwhelming before, I’ve got some renewed confidence moving forward.

    • Matt – Thanks for taking the time to comment. I would suggest just going for it!! Too many times we try to get things perfect and another calendar year goes by and we think….. maybe next year. Jason’s comments (above) give a pretty good step by step on what you need to do. Be sure to come back and post the URL once you launch.

  13. I am a recent graduate in Business Admin. I have been reading some of the posts/comments throughout the website and I’ve noticed a lot of questions/comments etc. about Social Media and whether it’s good for car dealership businesses etc.
    There are many opportunities and benefits available to business owners online or store-based when using social media. However, for those interested in becoming successful in the internet based business world today using “SM”, always keep in mind you must display the most important material on your website. Blog weekly or more with your customers or hopefully potential customers, and use the feedback from your users and the analytic information to generate new ideas for future improvement, and establish the different needs of the viewers to accommodate all your audience. Remember the saying “The customer is always RIGHT, The customer knows what they WANT”!! So utilize this opportunity and give them what they want. You never know unless you ask!!!
    Consider monitoring your websites with “Counters”, “Like buttons”, links to Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. just like the ones on this website. This will allow your business to see how well you’re engaging with your audience.
    There isn’t one specific Social Media Tool for a specific business, each can benefit from different or possibly all tools. Some of those tools are; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs etc. My advise is to get to know as many as possible so you can determine which Tool fits your needs, and take a chance, because as far as i am concerned the rest of the world has, so if you don’t, your missing out on a lot of “Business/Money”.
    New Reader Nicole. S.~ Business Admin. Graduate

  14. I was 16 when my dad first took me to Joliet U-Pull-It in Illinois, I’ll be 42 soon and they’re still my go-to salvage yard. I recently bought a car part from them and the process was so hassle free, not to mention the guys at the yard were so friendly and helpful. They’re an option for affordable car parts check their website http://jolietupullit.com/

  15. Well thought out Ryan. This article will help me drill down further for my niche specific plan selling used cars to the financially concerned. One of the biggest reasons people are broke or can’t get ahead today is because of the never ending car payment. I plan on creating most of my content around this niche specific market as there are hundreds of additional places I could rank my content. Much appreciated.

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