#DealerTalk Webinar: Content and Conversion Landing Pages

DealerTalk Webinar SeriesLanding Pages?



You are doing all of this right?

I know, I know,  it sounds super complicated and only possible for all those Marketing Gurus right?.


After watching this Webinar with Nicholas and Kevin (Convertus) I’m confident that dealers can take some of these best practices and implement them at the dealership immediately.

Please find some of the tools Kevin and Nicholas use daily below.


Watch The Recorded Video


Some Resources Mentioned:

1) Unbounce – Build Landing Pages

2) SeoMOZ – Analytics super site

3) Seachengineland – Ummmmm.  Search Engine stuff


View Slides Here

Your Turn:

Are you building out individual landing pages for SEO and PPC campaigns? Does it really work? Is this the Silver Bullet?

Chime in below.


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