AMVIC Advertising Update APRIL 2014 – Alberta Dealer Webinar

AMVIC Advertising Update – April 2014 from Kijiji Autos on Vimeo.

Laura Lowe and Lynette MacLeod from the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council put together this great webinar to educate dealers on what they need to take into consideration when placing ads for their dealership.

Video Length – 30 minutes

Please contact AMVIC directly if you have any questions — AMVIC WEBSITE

#DealerTalk Webinar: Content and Conversion Landing Pages

DealerTalk Webinar SeriesLanding Pages?



You are doing all of this right?

I know, I know,  it sounds super complicated and only possible for all those Marketing Gurus right?.


After watching this Webinar with Nicholas and Kevin (Convertus) I’m confident that dealers can take some of these best practices and implement them at the dealership immediately.

Please find some of the tools Kevin and Nicholas use daily below.


Watch The Recorded Video


Some Resources Mentioned:

1) Unbounce – Build Landing Pages

2) SeoMOZ – Analytics super site

3) Seachengineland – Ummmmm.  Search Engine stuff

#dealertalk Webinar: Online Automotive Sales Techniques

DealerTalk Webinar_Stuart BendalljpgHoly smokes!!

What a Webinar!!

Strathcom Medias’s Director of Training, Stuart Bendall took the DealerTalk Webinar series to a whole new level.

After 5 – 10 minutes I was laughing out loud and writing notes frantically…. this wasn’t another “the internet is going to be big” type of educatoin.

If you are responsible for the online merchandising of your dealership’s  inventory, this is a must watch.

More than 150 dealers from across Canada were tuned in for some playful banter and education from our favorite Brit.

Stuart has worked in a dealership.  He knows the struggles dealers face every day.

Today he basically gave away all of his secrets, and then some.  Who said there was no thing as a free lunch?!

Please find the entire 1 hour video for your viewing pleasure and also the slides below for quick reference.

Writing ads for classified sites that work! – Recorded Webinar

writing ads for kijijiFinally, Finally, Finally, I have the first ever Kijiji webinar uploaded to share with The Dealer Geek Nation!

This presentation went over pretty smooth in my opinion, considering it was our first time ever holding a webinar on Go To Webinar.

What does this webinar cover?

Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows how passionate I am about making your 2010 Chevrolet Impala get online consideration vs your neighbours.

This webinar takes a lot of the ideas I’ve shared in previous blog posts like:


Watch the full 50 minute webinar here!

Does Social Media Sell Cars? w/Paul Potratz – Recorded Webinar

When Paul Potratz agreed to host a webinar for the new series I’m producing with Kijiji, I was super excited.

A lot of dealers have been asking me how Social Media is supposed to help them sell cars.   Paul is the man on this topic, so I knew I had to reach out to him.  Let’s get these dealers some answer for once and for all!

Twitter feed was loving the webinar

How to turn your website into a lead monster – Webinar

Coupons, Pop – Unders, Incentives, Call to actions…….. you have all these on your website right???  Don’t worry you are not the first one to have that “oh shit” look on their face.

Amir Rezvani from DealerOn put out this 45 minute webinar that I truly believe will help you understand what website conversion is all about. I know, I know every vendor you deal with uses the  word “conversion” and in some cases they have no idea what they are talking about.  After being involved in creating over 1000 automotive websites, Amir has moved into Warrior Status in the on-line conversion arena.  All that this guy does is examine car dealer websites all day and all night so I’m pretty confident these numbers aren’t pulled out of a hat.