Guest Post: Alarm, Coffee, Status Update. 2012 is (about) Social Media

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Is 2012 the year to take Social Serious?

If you are like any of the 250 million users who access social media daily, you most likely have posted a status update or tweet before you even down your first cup of coffee. Social media has become so engrained in our daily routine that we often #tweet and #retweet numerous times before we even have a physical conversation.

But, could it be possible that we have become so used to social media being at our fingertips that we are beginning to overlook its basic elements?  Much like a paid advertisement or spam E-mail, there are some aspects of social media that we no longer notice.

For example, let’s take the Facebook, Twitter and blog buttons on your dealership’s website.  Are they featured at the top?  Are they hiding at the bottom? Hey, Mr. Social Media Guru, do you even have buttons? If Facebook is in the top three referring sites to your dealership’s website, can you really afford to be glossing over the social media connection to your dealership site?

It might very well be time to just start calling it “media”, rather than “social media.”  This avenue has clearly become a preference for advertising, marketing and, dare I say, lead generation. And if there is one thing that we all know, it’s that lead generation pays the bills.  Pause. Can you say that social media is going to provide insane lead generation?  Not quite.  Let’s all remember engagement isn’t lost on anymore

Guest Post: 3 Steps to Increasing Service Sales with Foursquare

Jessica Ruth shows you how to use Foursquare..Read Below

Right now, go to Foursquare and find your dealership.  It’s there, isn’t it?  Now claim it.

Ok, you’re back.

Every day, millions of people across the country are checking into venues everywhere on Foursquare.  Now, you’re immediately if not already thinking, “Yeah, who cares?”  Maybe you fall into the group of people who think that broadcasting a check-in at the local grocery store, or gas station is pointless and that no one is interested.  Or, maybe you fall into the group of people who can’t see why it’s useful for your car dealership to use it.  All of that doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter because it’s not about your check ins, it’s about who is checking into your dealership and what they’re saying.

Whether you’re active on Foursquare or not, your customers are.  They’re using it to search for the location of the nearest hotel, dog park and local specials.  They’re checking in, and when they do, it’s broadcasted to their thousands of Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

What would they find when searching for your dealership?

5 Car Dealers that are at the top of their Twitter game

Keep reading to find out 5 dealers in the Twitter Game

We are now approaching the 4th quarter of 2011, and by now I’m sure most dealers have jumped on the Social Media bandwagon on some level.  Usually the party starts on their dealerships Facebook Fan Page.

After this they come to realize that if they really want to be true players they need to also have a Twitter Account.  This post wasn’t meant to be a step by step guide on how to use Twitter for your car dealership, if you want an awesome resource you can check out this Twitter Strategy for Car Dealerships.

I actually started “unfollowing” a bunch of car dealerships I had originally started watching when I was first figuring out this Twitter game.  My experience has been so much better now that the riff raff is gone.  Most people think Twitter is a numbers game, but I can guarantee you will not gain anything by following every random jack ass out in the Twitter space.  Watch how many Social Media Gurus start following you once you get active (if they have Social Media Guru in their bio…they suck).

The Dealer Geek Facebook page 3.0 – What to Expect

Took a shot of this guy in a Tim Horton's parking lot

I’ve personally been dissapointed lately with the Facebook Fan Pages I’ve been following.  It’s almost as if every business/website HAS to have a Fan Page or they aren’t in the game.  The Dealer Geek Facebook fan page was pretty weak, let me tell ya.   Basically I uploaded the logo and just let the games begin.  The only content I had on the page was my blog posts.  After Jessica’s Ruth’s last blog post, “Developing a Facebook Strategy” I decided it was time I came up with my own strategy.

Developing a strategy for your dealership Facebook Page


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Wait a sec, Sparky.  Are you really going to ask your grandma to like your Facebook business page?  .  That’s the nature of social media, now isn’t’ it?  Well, no actually.  Let’s answer one question first.

What will you do with all those people?

On its surface it just seems like that’s what you’re supposed to do.  Put out the open for business sign, start a Facebook page and wait for the business to flood in.

There you have it, brand central station is booming.  Right?  Nope.

The only problem is that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  I sound like your mother but, the underlying message is true.  With the power of social media you can do more harm than good.  We’re all possibly familiar with the Burger King, well, King, but are you familiar with the YouTube video a few employees made?  The viral video showed an employee taking a bath in the sanitizing sink. Yuck.  Or, how about when Honda was looking for Facebook feedback on a new model, the person commenting quite often happened to be a Honda brand manager.  Ouch

Getting a new muffler using Yelp – My Story

Cams Auto Service Toronto

Cam's Auto Service in Toronto

It’s Sunday around 11:30 a.m. and I’m cruising to the grocery store.  Now I know the Impala has been getting louder and louder as the last few weeks have passed, but this is just brutal.  I’m not a mechanic but I’m pretty sure the muffler is gonzo.  Just then I realize that I’m going to Ottawa on Tuesday and I’ll go crazy if I have to listen to this god awful sound for the whole week.  Usually I get my service done at the Chevrolet Dealer I used to work at, but that’s an hour drive away.  It was time to take massive action and fast!

I can’t speak for every 30 year old with average computer skills, but my first stop was good old Google.  My game plan was to find a place  the next day that I could get it fixed asap and get an oil change while I was there.  So this is how it went down:

  1. Typed in “muffler repair toronto” into Google
  2. Clicked the Yelp link with  “Muffler repair Toronto Reviews
  3. Phoned Cam’s Auto Service