What is ARK’ing And Why Is Mississauga Dealer Autodome Doing It???

Autodome’s “Random Kindness” program is all kinds of awesome.

After meeting up for lunch with Sach Raja from Autodome and hearing about his latest idea, I asked him if I could share the concept right here on The Dealer Geek.

Being the all around nice guy that Sach is, he said “of course”.

It’s rare that I get this excited about new marketing strategies from car dealers…..

So let’s get into it.

Sach and Chad from Autodome surprise random drivers with an ARK card

Sach and Chad from Autodome surprise random drivers with an ARK card

We’ve all heard the stories of receiving a free coffee at the Tim Horton’s drive thru from the random stranger in the vehicle in front of you.

It’s never happened to me personally, but my cousin worked at Timmie’s when she was a teenager and said it happened all the time. This gesture really took off after the movie Pay It Forward she explains.

As of last week, the crew @ Autodome decided to spread some random love throughout the Greater Toronto Area by surprising random strangers with one of their ARK packages.

I love this kinda stuff. Total grassroots.


What happens?

  • Autodome prints off a bunch of ARK cards with Autodome logo and explanation of what they are doing
  • Attach a Tim Horton’s gift card to the ARK card
  • Tapes on random car window.  Driver’s side preferred
  • Random dude walks up to his car and thinks WTF?
  • Random dude looks around to see if he/she is on camera? They aren’t , Sach and friends are long gone
  • Recipient sits down in driver’s seat and feels something that no free hot dog or inflatable gorilla can produce…..  hope

How to “Tune Out” Noisy LinkedIn Connections

linkedin hide

I’m getting a little too inspired on LinkedIn, are you?


First off, let me make it very clear that I do not claim to be  a self – proclaimed “Social Media Guru”.  I don’t know how to get you thousands of followers or help you maximize engagement (so over that buzz word).

I’ve been using LinkedIn since 2009 and must say it’s always been one of my favorite social networking sites.

For the last couple of years on LinkedIn I didn’t have to worry about baby pics, duck face selfies, or “Sign up here to win an Ipad”.

However, with LinkedIn’s gain in popularity, and the evolution of their feed it appears as though my LinkedIn experience is going the same way as Facebook…… 90% junk.

We all have those noisy connections that we want to stay connected with.  It’s just that we don’t want to see their face 20 times a day with a different Inspirational Quotes……. I thought those belonged on Twitter?? Dammit!

Here is a simple way to “hide” (not remove) connections that are clogging up your feed….

1) From the desktop version of LinkedIn hover to the right side of any post in your feed

2) You will notice “Hide” appear

3) Click “Hide” – Don’t worry you can undo if you have second thoughts

Once a month I usually give LinkedIn and Twitter a cleanse.  This helps me maximize the time I spend on these sites.

What do you like about LinkedIn? Let me know in the comments.

ps. Duane Marino is a good guy, he just happened to be in my feed when I needed a screenshot.




DealerTalk Webinar Series: Content and Conversion

june 25th webinar register header

I’m extremely excited to announce our June DealerTalk guest’s for Canada’s #1 source for car dealer webinars.

Kevin Gordon is one of the sharpest Canadian markeitng pros I have met in my travels. Kevin and his partner in crime Nicholas Williams, are going to take us through a journey of some Advanced Dealer Marketing Strategies!

This webinar will help you gain insights on how to effectively use content marketing in creating favorable online customer experiences, improving your business’ search results and in turn brand visibility, in addition to significantly increasing onsite conversion rates.

Sign up to learn about cost effective in-house custom content for landing pages and acquire tips on lowering Cost Per Click
You will learn:

  •  Why custom content is essential to your successful website
  •  Key components of an effective landing page
  • How to lower your Google AdWords Cost Per Click
  • Cost-effective advantages of building in-house landing pages


About Kevin Gordon:

Kevin Gordon, Managing Partner of Convertus, an online solutions provider for the automotive industry, is an international speaker and digital marketing expert. Kevin’s experience includes dealer education and training, vendor relationship management, website content creation and online reputation management.

Among his projects prior to creating Convertus was the development of over 35 websites for the Jim Pattison Auto Group across its 22 locations, which resulted in doubling organic visitors and leads generated in two years.

About Nicholas Williams

Nicholas Williams is an entrepreneur, international speaker and an expert in operations and digital marketing. Nicholas has a degree in commerce with a concentration in entrepreneurship and international business. He has vast expertise in operational efficiencies, leadership and customer experience.

His work experience ranges from his role as Operating Partner of a successful vehicle importation company to being the Director of Marketing of an international manufacturing firm, where he repeatedly lead the organizations to the digital success.

Sign Up for Webinar – HERE

kevin gordon automotive




Online Reputation Mangement Interview w/ Mitch Gallant

Mitch Gallant is one of Canada's Brightest

Online Reputation management is something that The Dealer Geek nation is being sold, coached, and frightened into caring about.  I thought who better than my main man Mitch Gallant, who works out of the Regina Ford Dealer Capital Ford to do a little Q & A with.

Q:  Mitch, can you give our readers an overview of your position at Capital Auto Group?

You bet, my title is Director of Marketing and Communications. Under that umbrella I help our business development centre (BDC), our marketing team and our front end customer service folks do the best job they can each day, and oversee those 3 departments.

Q:  How important is a dealer’s online reputation and how long have you been super focused on this for your stores?

I think that reputation in general has to be a priority and trying to divide your online from your offline reputation would be a messy thing, being that they’re one in the same thing. Customers are looking to make a purchase from a dealership they know will stand behind what they sell and make the ownership experience a pleasant one. Your online reputation is the easiest way for customers to get a feel for how their shopping and ownership experience will be and so I think it’s a critical part of dealership operations.  For our dealers, we’ve always been focused on reputation but our online strategy has been in place for no more then 2 years.

Park a Yaris Contest – Review from Mississauga Toyota

Grand Prize.. A New Car!

I’m sure a few of you are wondering what the outcome of the Mississuaga Toyota Park a Yaris contest was.  If you are not familiar with this social media promotion I blogged about it here.

Troy Colmer just send me a recap of what happened below.


Troy’s summary:


After 2 months of promoting, advertising, and networking, we at Mississauga Toyota finally closed our “Park A Yaris” contest.  The goal was to make an impact digitally, and increase our presence online.

We chose Facebook as the avenue to do this.  Mississauga Toyota started out with approximately 200 “likes” or “fans” on our Facebook page, and at the time of writing this blurb we now have 6049 fans!

When you sit back and look at the impact that has it is really amazing.  If the average Facebook user has about 100 friends and all those friends see what their friends “like” we potentially would get 600,000 eyes seeing, and hearing about Mississauga Toyota.  Not to mention we now have 6,049 fans we can nurture a digital relationship with.

Toronto Toyota Dealer is Giving Away a Yaris on Facebook

Mississauga is giving away a free Toyota Yaris on Facebook

I have some big news in the world of Car Dealer Facebook giveaways!!!
A Toyota dealer in my back yard has just launched the biggest Facebook Giveaway in Ontario’s history ( I think .. I have no proof and do not plan to research this).
They are giving out a brand new F$%# IN car!!

When I think of Car Dealer Facebook Giveaways this is what comes to mind:

  • Free IPAD
  • Free Car Detail
  • Tickets to a concert

Toronto Automotive Marketing Guru Brent Wees just let me know that Mississauga Toyota is ready to Pony Up a brand new Toyota Yaris to the winner of their new Facebook Contest which is crowned as “Park a Yaris”. You heard right, a car dealer is giving away a free car via their dealership Facebook page.

With the new Facebook Timeline, I find it a bit trickier to quarterback these type of promotions due to the layout restrictions.  If you simply click the box just left of “Like” you will see the Park a Yaris tab.  I’m glad to see that Mississauga Toyota had thought this out before launching the promotion.  I personally think the old layout was way better to when trying to draw attention to the “Contest”.

As of today Mississauga Toyota has 952 “Likes” but I’m sure you will see that number multiply as the name of the game is getting friends to also join in the fun.