The Football Catch Video Close

I’ve been obsessed with video responses lately.  After hearing so many great stories of dealers turning those online leads into appointments, solely becasue their response stood out.  Now unless you are Elise Kephart at Sunset Honda you may need some inspiration.

This is called the Football Catch Close.  It can be substituted with a baseball or even a hockey puck if you are in Canada.  The less editing the better when it comes to this highly strategic attack.

Note:  I have pretty good reason to believe this was probably a test email. Let’s have a laugh and move on.  I’m sure my boy Tim has his game on strong now.  Let’s see if this will make it to him and we will wait for a comment below.


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Ryan Thompson


Move your snow dealers – Customer wants to buy!

car dealers loses sale from snow

Is this your dealership??

On several occasion we have mentioned that connecting with a prospect in a showroom is crucial. We have mentioned the “moment of truth” in a showroom interface.

Last week it snowed in the GTA, with the media turning snow into some form of “apocalyptical” event. Imagine when the media turns snow into such an event, and dealers have vehicles outside, as usual the snow needs to be cleared it costs money, its time consuming, and its part of doing business in winter.

Adding humour to your car dealer video is a sure thing

If you are shooting video of your used inventory, why not consider throwing a little funny business into the equation.  Let’s be honest your under $10,000 units are not going to be in any Jay-z music videos, so at least make them stand out!!!.    Kelley Blue Book rewarded Clark $10,000.00 for winning their video review contest(shown above).

I have only seen a handful of dealers that are willing to break out of their tight ass corporate environment and add some fun to what they do.

Here are a few I think have it down:

I would like to stress that if you are not funny DO NOT DO THIS.  Have a few people outside the dealership watch it.  If the general consensus is they did not get it…..leave it alone.

Animoto - The End of Slideshows