My ToDo Lists Don’t Stand A Chance With Wunderlist

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To say that I change productivity apps as often as I change my underwear wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

When I made the switch from a Blackberry to an IPhone in 2009, I realized that you can actually use your phone for much more than email and text.

Immediately I started spending countless hours in the App Store scouring for the next big thing that would eliminate a desk full of stickies.

After many attempts at simplifying my life and keeping my tasks under control I quickly reverted back to my old Blackberry trick.

Come on you’ve all done it….

Yes, that’s right.  You guessed it.

Email your todo list to yourself every night for the next day!!! 

From there it gets even better.  Print your To-Do list off and start scratching away.  Not only is this 3 step process time consuming, you just don’t look like you have things under control (in life).

I’ve been listening to a Podcast called Entrepreneur on Fire lately.  The show host asks each guest at the end of the episode what their secret weapon is, like an Evernote.

After listening to a few of these, I started to notice a common trend amongst these super smart and insanely productive people.

They are all using Wunderlist.

Screw it, I’m jumping on that bandwagon too!

What is Wunderlist?


Wunderlist syncs your todo lists among multiple platforms.  Basically it’s your “Git R Dun” tool (I promise I’ll never say that again).

Allows you to  update and edit lists on your Desktop, Smartphone, and Tablet.

It’s so clean and simple that you almost don’t know what you are supposed to do when you first start using it.

This is right off the website.

wunderlist overview


How I use Wunderlist


Unless a task is something that is important and has to get done, it won’t show up in my Wunderlist.  I’m still using Outlook to manage my calendar.

I don’t use if for every email and phone message I need to respond to, I’d like to think that my memory is still semi functional.

Random Rant – What I’ve been doing the last few months

Yup that's not a hairline crack

Yup that’s not a hairline crack

In this first “Random Rant”, I update The Dealer Geek Nation on where I’ve been hiding since March, and what’s on my mind.  I’m trying to make this happen with one large post, and I’m hoping I’m not too all over the place.

Also, I have decided to get more personal on The Dealer Geek and really use this blog as an online journal to reflect what I’m doing in the car biz on the regular.

Don’t worry this won’t turn into a pitch fest for my gig as Head of Sales at Kijiji Autos.  But, I do want to update you with what I’m up to @ Kijiji and add some commentary on products, services, and anything else I think you should know about.  Think of it like a Matt Cutt’s from Google type of blog.  Only I’m about 5% as intelligent.


Broken Wing

So as you can see, flipping the bird has became a serious challenge since I broke my middle finger over 6 weeks ago.  This men’s league semi-final playoff game accident really disrupted my work and personal life….. and of course producing content for The Dealer Geek.

For the first 3 weeks my hand was in a full cast, which meant my right hand was officially immobilized.  This was a serious pain in the ass.

So here is a couple things I’ve been involved with.

DealerTalk Conference March 7th


Okay, where do I start.  Hmmmm.

Well first off, the DealerTalk conference put on by Kijiji Autos was the highlight of my career to date.

Scott Neil (Head of Verticals, Kijiji…. my boss)  and myself had been talking about throwing an event like this forever.

Finally we took the plunge and made it happen.  DealerTalk is for the dealers.  No hidden agenda.  One day of action packed educational content at a price that everyone could agree was fair ($99 early bird, $149 after).

Originally we had planned host the event at Toronto’s Sony Centre. After realizing it was probably overkill, we moved shop to the brand new Four Seasons Hotel.  Was it a good move ?


Dealers are still talking about how gorgeous the conference room was and that they felt like they were in Vegas.

Choosing the line-up was my main responsibility for the event.

It kinda felt like I was putting on a concert and was told to pick my 4 favorite bands.  Except they were Automotive Professionals.  Either way, still Rock Stars!!

Speakers Consisted of:

    • Grant Cardone
    • Paul Potratz
    • Scott Monty
    • John Edlemen

I’m going to share some photos and tweets and save my official review for the DealerTalk website/blog that is being created as we speak.

Follow me on twitter to get more real time updates on #dealertalk2014 – Twitter Handle.

scott neil kijiji

Kijiji’s Scott Neil kicks it off

Paul Potratz starts the day off with a bang

Paul Potratz starts the day off with a bang

scott monty dealertalk

Ford’s Global Head of Social Media, Scott Monty

grant cardone

Hanging out with Grant after his presentation…DOMINATE!

Jay Onrait and the boys. This guy is hilarious

Jay Onrait and the boys. This guy is hilarious

sach autodome

My man Sach from Autodome on the air

Lunch at the Four Seasons was a hit

Lunch at the Four Seasons was a hit

John from Haldimand Motors was the crowd favorite

John from Haldimand Motors was the crowd favorite

EVO Summit


evo summit lineup

What a line up!

Just 4 days after the accident I had to jump on a plane to deliver my presentation for the EVO Summit in Vancouver.  This turned into a serious stress fest for me.  My fracture clinic exam was on March 28th and it was “non-negotiable” in terms of re-scheduling.  Translation…… I had to get my ass back to Toronto for a 10AM appointment the next day. Leading up to my trip in Vancouver, I had made some dinner plans with some dealers and was really pumped to get to meet some of our West Coast friends.  It was simply not meant to be. Immediately after my presentation I had to rush out of the event, jump in a cab, and catch my 4pm flight. So how was the event? The New Car Dealers Association of BC were super prepared and everything went off without a hitch.  Word on the street is the next event is this September in Whistler…. I’m in!! Shaun Raines from Driving Sales brought the house down as usual and delivered a very entertaining presentation.  This was the second time I saw Shaun speak and I consider him one of the most interesting and entertaining auto conference speakers on the circut.

My presentation was titled “The 3 Struggles of Classified Advertising” (Tweet me if you want a copy). Some of the content may have been a little too “101” but it always receives the same feedback from dealers,

“Ryan, most of what you were talking about I already know.  However, we aren’t doing any of it.  Thanks for the reminder and refreshing our memory”

Of course I referenced my favorite dealership website Mohegan Lake Audi when it comes to my Writing Killer Descriptions examples.  Thanks to Darryl and the boys for bringing me out and to all the BC dealers that were in attendance.

What I need from you guys/gals

What do you want from The Dealer Geek? I feel that there are enough auto industry blogs out there giving you all the Google +, Big Data, and Facebook this and that education.

I really don’t want to turn this into a blog that shares the same content you can find on 5 other blogs (exact same articles….boring). This post was the first in a long time that was a blast to write. Do you prefer this type of blog writing? Me basically writing off the cuff?

Please use the comments and give me some suggestions & feedback.  If you have any Kijiji questions you can also hit me up on the Contact Page or Tweet me at @ryan_dealergeek





The Dealer Geek gets an Extreme Makeover!

Is this even the same blog?

After reaching 2 years in the blogosphere, I felt that The Dealer Geek needed a fresh new makeover before we head into the new year.

A lot of people ask me how I can make a WordPress site look so unique and different then the Plain Jane “out of the box” blogs they are so used to reading.

Here is my secret…..

I have little to no website design skills.  Writing HTML code is something I really have no interest in learning.

What I love doing, is writing content that is going to help car dealers across Canada and the United States.  There are many different platforms you can use for your business’s blog but I’ve been very successful with WordPress, and more specifically the Thesis Theme.




I met Brendan through some online research I was doing on Contest Marketing.  It was actually my first ever blog post on TDG, you can read it here; “How to run a social media campaign with Contest Burner” (the only comment was from Grant Cardone).

Brendan is an on-line marketing whiz kid from the U.S.A. who has escaped the 9-5 grind and setup shop in Costa Rica.  There Brendan is obsessed with surfing every day and starting online businesses.

My obessions is producing content and helping dealers.  Brendan makes things kick ass on-line.  It was an easy decision to outsource the design.  I see too many car dealers with hideous blogs.  If you don’t have the time to learn web design, OUTSOURCE IT!

Guest Post: Should My Dealership Invest In WalkAround Videos?

walk around videos car dealersWalk around videos have been around for a few years and are incredibly effective, but the process of creating these videos has been cumbersome, arduous and time-consuming…until now.

We’ve all heard that the Internet has changed everything. And it has, but not in the way you may think. Pretty much every dealership now has a dedicated Internet Sales Department or BDC who’s responsible for either selling vehicles through the Internet or driving those prospects into the dealership.

But just as everyone now believes in the power of the Internet to sell cars, the Internet has actually made it more difficult for dealers to distinguish themselves. From a buyer’s perspective, another dealership is just a click away. Dealers need a way to immediately capture the customer’s attention and differentiate themselves from their competition. Video does that, especially when everyone else is sending the same text-based auto-response emails.

Be different! With more people consuming video, dealers can use this ‘zero moment of truth’ to show each prospect how much they want their business by creating a personalized Walkaround Video just for them. There is no better way for a prospect to feel connected to the vehicle they inquired about than to have a personalized video of it in their inbox.

My Book Review: Phone Ninjas Telephone and Internet Training

phone training manual

This should be on every salesperson's desk

In a world of “Gurus” and “Consultants” it is sometimes hard to see through the fog and obtain some good solid information. Sure the blogs and forums are out there but sometimes a nice paper book at your desk is what you really need.

Phone Ninjas put out a great 80 page in depth Phone and Internet training manual for car dealers.   Jerry was kind enough to send me a copy to review.

After a few nights on the Ipad, I bombed through Jerry Thibeau’s latest manual that should be considered the “Bible for Car Sales”.

I have been following Jerry Thibeau, founder of Phone Up Ninjas since 2009 where we met on the infamous DealerRefresh Forums.  Jerry was the kind of guy that would help on any issue even if it had nothing to do with padding his own wallet…my kinda guy.

It was clear from reading some of his articles that he was an amazing trainer and a wealth of information.  Jerry was the one that got me hooked on Jing after his article “Turbo charging your Internet responses”.  If you want to see firsthand why Jerry Thibeau has a thriving business just take a gander at this thread – “How are your phone skills” (quick answer for most dealerships .. pretty shitty)

Why should dealers care about Phone Training? Its 2012 right? The game has changed it is all about email, text, Website Chat right??

Jerry provided me with some interesting stats that will give your management team a reason to invest in phone training.  Check it out.

This is taken from Page.4 of Jerry’s training manual.  I had to leak this page to give readers an official State of the Union.



80%   of your phone traffic will buy within 3-5 days.

90%  will buy within 10 days.

76%  of your customers will call before the come in.

85%  will visit the internet when shopping for a vehicle.

What do Paul Potratz and the Wu Tang Clan have in common?

paul potratz retargeting

Stalk your visitors around the web with Retargeting campaigns

Ok that’s it Mr.Potratz.  Here I am trying to review my 2012 Fantasy Hockey Pool and listen to some Wu Tang and there you are staring me down during my favorite song “Ice Cream” ( Go ahead watch the video ).

So what does Paul Potratz, the automotive marketing genius and New York Hip Hop legends Wu Tang Clan have in common?? I’m pretty sure nothing. My guess is that Paul couldn’t even name 3 members even if I gave him Method Man and RZA.  However, by using Retargeting he is able to follow me around the web on my favorite sites with his pretty boy smile begging me for another click.   I feel like I know this guy personally. Heck, I even started following him on Twitter and throwing a few words back and forth, don’t worry I didn’t use any street slang.