DealerTalk Webinar Series: Content and Conversion

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I’m extremely excited to announce our June DealerTalk guest’s for Canada’s #1 source for car dealer webinars.

Kevin Gordon is one of the sharpest Canadian markeitng pros I have met in my travels. Kevin and his partner in crime Nicholas Williams, are going to take us through a journey of some Advanced Dealer Marketing Strategies!

This webinar will help you gain insights on how to effectively use content marketing in creating favorable online customer experiences, improving your business’ search results and in turn brand visibility, in addition to significantly increasing onsite conversion rates.

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You will learn:

  •  Why custom content is essential to your successful website
  •  Key components of an effective landing page
  • How to lower your Google AdWords Cost Per Click
  • Cost-effective advantages of building in-house landing pages


About Kevin Gordon:

Kevin Gordon, Managing Partner of Convertus, an online solutions provider for the automotive industry, is an international speaker and digital marketing expert. Kevin’s experience includes dealer education and training, vendor relationship management, website content creation and online reputation management.

Among his projects prior to creating Convertus was the development of over 35 websites for the Jim Pattison Auto Group across its 22 locations, which resulted in doubling organic visitors and leads generated in two years.

About Nicholas Williams

Nicholas Williams is an entrepreneur, international speaker and an expert in operations and digital marketing. Nicholas has a degree in commerce with a concentration in entrepreneurship and international business. He has vast expertise in operational efficiencies, leadership and customer experience.

His work experience ranges from his role as Operating Partner of a successful vehicle importation company to being the Director of Marketing of an international manufacturing firm, where he repeatedly lead the organizations to the digital success.

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Kijiji Autos Hits 5 Million Monthly Unique Visitors

Source April 2013 ComScore

Source April 2013 ComScore


When I started with Kijiji Autos in March 2011 we were doing the happy dance sitting around 4 Million Unique Visitors on a monthly basis.  This happy dance was a pretty small party, considering our Autos team grand total was 4 ( I was the fourth).

Fast forward to last month and WHAM-O, we crawled over the 5 million mark.  Now I know what you are thinking…. “That’s not fair, that includes all of those golf club and concert tickets users”.

Nope.  Not the case.

This number is specifically measuring the Autos section of  Typically 40% (ish) of Kijiji visitors are looking for Cars and Trucks.

What is a Unique Visitor?

A Unique Visitor is a metric that measures a unit of traffic to a website.  In the chart above it is counting each visitor only once in April.


Source: ComScore

Grant Cardone is Coming to Toronto March 7th 2013!

grant cardone speaking in torontoYes you heard right!

Grant Cardone is coming to Toronto March 7th; 2013 to speak to Canadian Car Dealers.

For those of you that don’t know, my 9-5 (usually later than that!) is managing the sales team at Kijiji Autos.

When I was given the opportunity to help organize our first ever Canadian Dealer Conference I was ecstatic.

Get this….. My role was to find the talent and book the speakers.

I’ve been a huge Grant Cardone fan for a long time, and really wanted to bring him to “the big smoke” aka Toronto,ON.

After speaking with many dealers and asking for feedback it was apparent Grant was one of the most desired keynote speakers.

When I approached Grant to headline the event he was all over it.

Mr.Cardone loves Canada.  Not sure if I remembered to tell him what the temperature would be.

Grant’s topic will be focused on helping car dealers “Dominate Their Market”.  Dealers looking to understand the newest and most effective elements to running a digital dealership need to attend this event.

How Much Does it Cost?

I know what you are thinking already.  My budget is tapped , I don’t have thousands of dollars to send my staff to an event like this.  Wrong!!!

Kijiji Autos has an early bird special for only $99 / per person! No strings attached.  Buy your tickets on the site today REGISTER.  Early bird tickets are good until Jan.31st (Don’t mind the flyer below).

The Dealer Geek gets an Extreme Makeover!

Is this even the same blog?

After reaching 2 years in the blogosphere, I felt that The Dealer Geek needed a fresh new makeover before we head into the new year.

A lot of people ask me how I can make a WordPress site look so unique and different then the Plain Jane “out of the box” blogs they are so used to reading.

Here is my secret…..

I have little to no website design skills.  Writing HTML code is something I really have no interest in learning.

What I love doing, is writing content that is going to help car dealers across Canada and the United States.  There are many different platforms you can use for your business’s blog but I’ve been very successful with WordPress, and more specifically the Thesis Theme.




I met Brendan through some online research I was doing on Contest Marketing.  It was actually my first ever blog post on TDG, you can read it here; “How to run a social media campaign with Contest Burner” (the only comment was from Grant Cardone).

Brendan is an on-line marketing whiz kid from the U.S.A. who has escaped the 9-5 grind and setup shop in Costa Rica.  There Brendan is obsessed with surfing every day and starting online businesses.

My obessions is producing content and helping dealers.  Brendan makes things kick ass on-line.  It was an easy decision to outsource the design.  I see too many car dealers with hideous blogs.  If you don’t have the time to learn web design, OUTSOURCE IT!

Webinar: Does Social Media Sell Cars?

After hosting my first ever Webinar with Kijiji Autos, I am officially hooked on using this platform to share content.  I have attended dozens of Webinars over the last few years and am excited to finally be in the game.  You can view the slides from the debut here: Writing Ads for Classified Sites that Work!

We had over 70 car dealers across Canada and the U.S.A. tune in for the first edition!  This really inspired me to keep cranking out content and working with other industry pros to make sure Canadian Car Dealers were on top of their game.  I’m expecting those numbers to double after the feedback I received from the attendees.

Special thanks to Lewis Howes for putting out the Ultimate Webinar Marketing guide which was a fantastic crash course.  I learned some great tips and tricks on using the Go To Webinar software in this E-Book.

I asked dealers what topics they would be interested in learning more about.  Social Media for Car Dealers was top of the list, so I figured we should start there.

social media sells cars

May 2012 Total Vehicle Sales in Canada

The Dealer Geek will now be sharing the Canadian Vehicle Sales numbers on a monthly basis which is created by Desrosiers Automotive Consultants.  Don’t forget to sign up for updates so you can get this delivered to your Inbox every month.

may 2012 light vehicle sales


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