Guest Post: Why Outbound Call Tracking Matters

Don't forget Outbound Calls!

For years, outbound sales efforts have been crucial to the dealership’s complete selling process.  Not every shopper buys after their first contact and you can bet the farm these shoppers are sniffing around other dealerships as well.  Outbound calling allows you to reignite the conversation, gain clarity on needs, and ideally, steer them back your way with an appointment.

The technology behind this process has come a long way.  The old method was simply a blind effort:  Check the logs for a shopper’s name/number, dial, cross your fingers, repeat.  But then along came a little black box that could track these calls!  With this little black box you could see how many calls employees were making, when, and to whom!  While an improvement, that’s not enough for such an important piece of the selling cycle.  Outbound calling data needs to provide more clarity, be much more actionable, and most importantly, improve your business.

Let’s tell the story of Salesman Steve and Salesman Sam.  Both are good employees. They hit the floors hard and are willing to pound the phones equally hard.  One day, Steve makes 50 outbound calls to prospects.  Not bad right?   That same day, Sam makes only 30 calls.  All else equal, common sense says Steve did a better job on the phones. But what if we could tap into the true nature of these calls?  The good news is now you can:

1.)    Track and record every outbound call which provides a good start in organizing these efforts.  Yes, you can listen to outbound calls and pull them up by employee or department.

2.)    Identify if a live conversation actually happens on calls.  Approximately 86% of outbound calls don’t even contain a quality live conversation with the intended target.  The ability to identify the best opportunities quickly is important.  Arm yourself with this data by having a trained human reviewer listen to calls and find the ones that matter most.  Remember Steve and Sam above?  Steve made 50 calls but what matters more is that he only had six live conversations.  On the other hand, Sam was much more targeted with his 30 calls and had 12 live conversations.  Which would you rather have now?  Sam of course!  The clarity this new metric offers means your team should be striving for a higher quantity of live conversations, not higher call counts.

3.)    Feed outbound call data into CRM.  This is a must for lead organization. If you aren’t doing this now with inbound and outbound calls, you’re probably spreading your time and data too thin.

If outbound calling is an important piece of your sales efforts, take advantage of the resources and technology available to guide you in the right direction.


By: Mike Haeg

Mike Haeg is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Century Interactive, a phone call analytics company based in Dallas, TX.  Century Interactive works with thousands of dealers across the US and Canada by measuring their marketing efforts and improving their communication with prospects.  If you’re interested in learning more or would simply like to chat, give Mike a call at 888-593-0830, email at, check out, or follow CI on Twitter @centinteractive.

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