5 Car Dealers that are at the top of their Twitter game

Keep reading to find out 5 dealers in the Twitter Game

We are now approaching the 4th quarter of 2011, and by now I’m sure most dealers have jumped on the Social Media bandwagon on some level.  Usually the party starts on their dealerships Facebook Fan Page.

After this they come to realize that if they really want to be true players they need to also have a Twitter Account.  This post wasn’t meant to be a step by step guide on how to use Twitter for your car dealership, if you want an awesome resource you can check out this Twitter Strategy for Car Dealerships.

I actually started “unfollowing” a bunch of car dealerships I had originally started watching when I was first figuring out this Twitter game.  My experience has been so much better now that the riff raff is gone.  Most people think Twitter is a numbers game, but I can guarantee you will not gain anything by following every random jack ass out in the Twitter space.  Watch how many Social Media Gurus start following you once you get active (if they have Social Media Guru in their bio…they suck).

Apparently my Twitter game is somewhat on point as David Johnson mentioned me in his Follow Fridays Recommendations post.  That was awesome to see my name along with that cast.

So if you are new to Twitter and you just want to get an idea of some Car Dealers that really “get it” make sure to follow these dudes.  They all show real personalities and add some human substance to their conversations.  You won’t see a bunch of inventory get bombed into their feed once a month.

Oh ya, don’t think that since you have your Facebook Fan Page updates synced to your Twitter account, that you have killed two birds with one stone.  That strategy is just plain weak.

5 Heavy Weight Car Dealer Twitter Accounts to Follow:

  1. Don Ayres Honda
  2. Acura SherwayCanadian !
  3. Capital FordCanadian !
  4. Achilles MazdaCanadian !
  5. Marlboro Nissan

This should give you a pretty good blueprint for success.  If you need some further information you can download my E-Book “Intro to Twitter for Car Dealers”. I know you see it in the top right corner, just enter your email and join.  If there are any dealers you think that should be included in this list please enter in the comment box below.

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