Guest Post: Alarm, Coffee, Status Update. 2012 is (about) Social Media

2012 auto social media

Is 2012 the year to take Social Serious?

If you are like any of the 250 million users who access social media daily, you most likely have posted a status update or tweet before you even down your first cup of coffee. Social media has become so engrained in our daily routine that we often #tweet and #retweet numerous times before we even have a physical conversation.

But, could it be possible that we have become so used to social media being at our fingertips that we are beginning to overlook its basic elements?  Much like a paid advertisement or spam E-mail, there are some aspects of social media that we no longer notice.

For example, let’s take the Facebook, Twitter and blog buttons on your dealership’s website.  Are they featured at the top?  Are they hiding at the bottom? Hey, Mr. Social Media Guru, do you even have buttons? If Facebook is in the top three referring sites to your dealership’s website, can you really afford to be glossing over the social media connection to your dealership site?

It might very well be time to just start calling it “media”, rather than “social media.”  This avenue has clearly become a preference for advertising, marketing and, dare I say, lead generation. And if there is one thing that we all know, it’s that lead generation pays the bills.  Pause. Can you say that social media is going to provide insane lead generation?  Not quite.  Let’s all remember engagement isn’t lost on anymore

Take 2012 as your year to capture the attention – and satisfy the appetite – of these media addicted inclined consumers and meet them right where they already live and breathe. The link between media and your website can satisfy your customers’ needs for constant social interaction.  Take 2012 as the year of online marketing, and you don’t even have to call it social media.

And, by the way, the more people that you can get to share your website content, the more leads you can generate through SEM. Looking to Google+ on that!

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Jessica Ruth, @whatjruthsaid,  is an automotive marketing baller at DealerFire, has a mild infatuation with Twitter and tries to hide her Midwest accent while writing.

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